Cantina Caleffi

Winery Caleffi

The winery Caleffi is located in Spineda, in the province of Cremona, in the middle of the Po Valley between the Po River and the Oglio River, in the border area between Cremona and Mantua.

We met Emanuele and Davide and they accompanied us inside their cellar where they showed us their daily work and how Lambrusco was born.

The history of the family, the territory and the winery Caleffi 

The land has been cultivated and vinified by the Caleffi family since the 1900s: the growing area of ​​the vines is called Regone, a clayey, fertile soil.

A quality wine is made thanks to the respect of the vine, of the natural vinification times by adopting the traditional ancestral method of refermentation in the bottle.

Here, from working in the rows, passing through winemaking to bottling, the production of wine is an entirely handmade process.

How do they make their wine?

Emanuele in a few simple steps tells us with pride how their wine is born:

  • The healthy grapes are harvested strictly by hand,
  • in September when it reaches the right balance of sugar acid, it is pressed and de-stemmed and left to ferment
  • after six months from the harvest and a natural clarification obtained thanks to the decanting, we pass to the cuts of the musts in
  • order to divide the various types of wines to be obtained
  • finally bottling

And here is the magic that occurs in the bottles, when at the first heat of spring, when the must begins to ferment, it creates the bubbles of Lambrusco.

Ancellotta, Lambrusco Viadanese, Lambrusco Salamino, Malvasia, Fortana, Caberne, here are the vines with which Emanuele and Davide produce the wines that make us taste them in their cellar.

Wines for tasting

  • Le Regone Ven Ros is a Lambrusco Rosso that goes well with risotto, lambs, salami and traditional cheeses, grilled meats.
  • Regone Ven Negar is a Lambrusco Nero, which goes well with traditional Po dishes, cotechino with lentils, zampone, grilled meats, roasts and braised meats, aged cheeses.
  • Le Regone Cabernet Sauvignon is a 100% Cabernet and is excellent with grilled meats and main courses with strong and decisive flavors.
  • Inevitable, Le Regone Malvasia with a 100% Malvasia grape variety suitable for aperitifs and delicate first courses, salads and fish crudités.
  • Le Regone in Fiore, a rosé Lambrusco, which can be a good aperitif on its own or accompany appetizers, omelettes, fried fish, delicate first courses

There is really no lack of choice and each wine is well paired.

Services for campers from winery Caleffi

The cellar does not offer services for the night, but there is a large camper place for visits and tastings, which are always by reservation.

The guided tasting can be done in the specially created room with wines accompanied by a selection of cold cuts and cheeses typical of the area, artisan breadsticks and bread.

Inside the cellar you will also find the small museum created with the family’s peasant tradition objects: a family that has always been suited to work in the countryside and that in this space finds all the excitement of its family work.

What to do in the company

  • In the company you can make the free visit or with the tasting for a fee, in English and French
  • There is also the possibility of dining because they are also farmhouses therefore, only and always by reservation, they offer this service
  • If you are looking for tranquility, here you really find it: you are about 2 km away from the town and you can reach it from the dirt road, even by bicycle
  • This is the reception form where you can find all the other information


Winery Cantina Caleffi is located in Spineda (CR) in Via Cantonazzo 3.

The site and the email for every need and booking is while the phone for every need is 338/9340320.


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