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What to do in San Vito lo Capo by camper: the sea, couscous and nature

When I think about my trip to Sicily by camper and what to do in San Vito lo Capo, three things come to mind:

  • enjoy the beauty of the landscape
  • enjoy the couscous
  • and experience the sea

I don’t know whether to put the couscous or the landscape first, you decide; for me it is not so important that we had a good time in this place 38 km away from Trapani.

Looking down on this Sicilian corner with San Vito lo Capo, it is found in a landscape made up of watchtowers, castles, bagli, tuna traps. A painting composed of nature to explore and beautiful bays ranging from the Tonnara del Cofano with the Bay of Makari, a magnificent species at sunset and Castellamare del Golfo, with the Arab Norman Castle.

An enchantment that I invite you to visit and of which you can find some hints in

Trapani and surroundings: what to see in a few days


San Vito lo Capo

what to visit in San Vito lo Capo
The village of San Vito lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo is positioned between the homonymous promontory with the lighthouse and Torre dell’Usciere and the Tonnara del Secco. Between these two places, a long golden beach and a crystal clear sea welcome those who want to come here for a holiday. And even if we didn’t arrive in the tourist season, I guarantee you that I fully enjoyed this marvel.

The hamlet

The picturesque village seen from the sea, with its low houses and narrow streets, looks like a dozing innkeeper in the sun just waiting for the sunset to come alive and light up for the party. People who are always welcoming and smiling greet us whether we enter the bar for a coffee or a tasty sweet break, or the baker for purchases. And as always, with courtesy they are generous with advice that puts the traveler at ease.

Even a simple walk is a pleasant what to do in San Vito lo Capo.

The center revolves around the Mother Church of the ‘600 which replaced a previous chapel, a pilgrimage destination since the Middle Ages. However, if you are looking for a precise date, know that it is difficult. In fact, it is said that the first votive chapel dedicated to San Vito dates back to the 1300s. But I can tell you that there was no village here before 1453. But there was only the home of a hermit. And if you wonder why it has a quadrangular shape with a tower, know that in that period it was decided to build a castle to enclose the church. This is to give security and accommodation to the continuous increase of pilgrims who arrive in this place. And so the first agglomeration was born, to which something else was added over the centuries. At this point I invite you to enter the Mother Church, but first look up: the statue of San Vuti welcomes you in a niche above the door.

What to do in San Vito lo Capo by camper

I can tell you thatin San Vito lo Capo almost everything is located on the long main street: bars, shops for basic necessities, some restaurants. While in the pedestrian side streets next to the church, restaurants and hotels overlook. And surely a must do in San Vito in the evening is the walk after dinner for a chat or a granita at the bar or in via Venza next to the Church. But above all do you want not to take a romantic stroll on the beach? spectacular!

Just think that even when we were there, despite being winter among the things what to do in San Vito lo Capo on Saturday evening, we greatly appreciated the walk through the narrow streets with the Arab charm of the centre.

The lighthouse and the port

visit San Vito lo Capo
san vito lo capo the lighthouse

Together with the beach, the lighthouse is the symbol of San Vito. 43m tall. with its lamp that penetrates the darkness of the night up to 20 miles by sea, they make it one of the most important in Sicily. Built in the Bourbon period, it certainly deserves an easy walk and is, in my opinion, one of the things what you can to do in San Vito lo Capo.

Among other things, to get to the lighthouse, you pass through the port where you will see the colorful fishing boats. If it happens in the morning, when they come back from fishing, well it’s already chaos and you have to do it, right?

Use: during the winter and spring in this area it is also possible to park the night in a free camper. But please do not open the awning and put out chairs and tables.

The nature

One thing I definitely suggest you do in San Vito lo Capo is to get lost in the landscapes that nature offers you here.

The sea

Here it is truly spectacular, at least for me. And if I think of the white sand and its waters, I already feel that feeling of relaxation of a beach, which, according to many people I spoke to in the village, is Caribbean here in spring. In addition to the colors it is also the lack of currents that make it spectacular and suitable for families. And it has been for some years now entrance to the beaches “zero barriers” to facilitate the use of the sea for people with disabilities. Negative notes instead for those like me who travel with the dog, in San Vito lo Capo there are no beaches for dogs. The closest is in Castellammare del Golfo.

Mount Monaco

If you want to admire the panorama from above, but above all the panorama between the two gulfs, Monte Cofano up to the Egadi, here is something you can do in San Vito lo Capo: I suggest you go up to Monte Acuto. It is 532 m high. and you can also get there with an off-road vehicle, and I invite you to bring a hat and a water bottle, but know that we were advised not to go up after 10:00 due to the heat and absolute lack of water.

But if you want to go up this historic route, on the municipal road to Mondello you will find a large illustrative sign, which signals the beginning of the path. Well signposted, it will take you to the top, where under the cross you will find a container with a notebook where you can mark your passage. Or at least that’s what some locals have suggested to me.

The Zingaro Reserve

riserva dello Zingaro scopello
Riserva dello Zingaro

This reserve, strongly desired both by the inhabitants and by researchers and journalists, extends over 1600 hectares, from San Vito to Castellammare. In 7 km it gives you a harsh landscape, composed largely of rocks, scrub, oaks and holm oaks, where small farms appear here and there. In the past, the area offered only agricultural activities, while the tuna fishing activity that you find in Scopello and Torre dell’Uzzo came later.

But in addition to the vegetation, which here seems to dive into the sea, if you want to add one thing to do in San Vito lo Capo, come to the Zingaro Nature Reserve to discover wonderful bays with beaches where, I’m sure you too will leave your heart.

  • Cala Tonnarello dell’Uzzo
  • Cala Marinella
  • Cala Beretta
  • Cala della Disa
  • Cala Capreria
  • Cala del Varo reachable from the sea

Which is the most beautiful? Take your pick in January they were all gorgeous and obviously empty.

To follow the itineraries and get complete information, I leave you the link to the official website Who.

And finally the couscous

I kept it last on my list of what to do in a camper in San Vito lo Capo. Simply because it is the undisputed king of this corner of Sicilian taste. To tell the truth, Trapani cuisine can offer so much in terms of taste, and Monica has already told you about it in 5 things to eat in Trapani, but it is here that couscous is celebrated with a party in September.

A mustache-licking stuff in an alchemy of worlds. I adore this ancient unique dish that arrived in Sicily with migrants returning from months of work in Tunisia. And not just for its perfumes. Already as I write I seem to perceive the scent of spices mixed with that of the sea while walking through San Vito lo Capo.

Couscous is a dish that requires patience, preparation time, even just (so to speak) to work the semolina, and rest. The care in cooking that broth which in the end releases a hint of Tunisian-flavored spices.

In San Vito lo Capo and its surroundings, couscous is offered to you in every restaurant and trattoria, and one of the most popular is Enzo Battaglia’s La Casa del couscous. Here you will find a traditional couscous, where the fish is served separately on trays that retain heat and flavour; while the shelled and seasoned couscous is brought to the plate, and the broth separately. By the way, did you know that fish couscous is a tradition from Trapani? A dish with North African origins which then underwent local transformations to become one of the symbols of Sicilian Trapani cuisine, perhaps more so than pasta alla Norma.

Finally, the Camping Village la Pineta where we stopped during our stop in San Vito lo Capo also offers excellent couscous; and was also awarded by the Cous Cous Festival. So an excellent opportunity to stop for taste!

San Vito lo Capo by camper: where to stop

where camping in san Vito lo Capo
Camping Village la Pineta

In season you will find different proposals:

  • Fratelli Lo Iacono caravan park in Via Pier Santi Mattarella, a stone’s throw from the historic centre, the area is seasonal and offers toilets with timed and paid showers. In mid season rates of €25.00 for campers with 2 people per day + €5.00 for electricity.
  • Giovanni camper parking area in SP16 just outside the center of San Vito not far from Conad. Open all year round, it offers toilets with timed and paid showers. In season it offers a shuttle service and in low season the cost per camper per day is €15.00.
  • International Camping Soleado in Via del Secco in front of the beach and not far from the centre
  • Camping Village la Pineta in Via del Secco. Further from the center of San Vito and 300 m. from the free beach, it is a village/campsite open all year round where you can relax under the pine forest on a pitch, or cool off in the pools. While in the evening the restaurant offers aperitifs and tasty Sicilian dishes including an excellent couscous.


San Vito lo Capo by camper is a Sicilian destination that I absolutely recommend. We stayed here for 3 days in the middle of winter, but I think a nice week here as a beach holiday is really ideal. It is a corner where the beauty of the landscape invites you to stay and discover it. If you then add the goodness of its cuisine and I’m not just talking about the couscous, and the courtesy of the people, you can decide what to do in San Vito lo Capo during a Sicilian holiday in a camper.



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