museo delle cere di piacenza

Wax Museum of Piacenza

Located in via Roma 10, in Grazzano Visconti, the Wax Museum of Piacenza is the third most important in our country, and the only one in Northern Italy. Visiting this museum means undertaking a voyage of discovery of the art, culture and

history of our region in an original manner.

Visitor Guide

You can admire fascinating historical settings and listen to curious anecdotes and stories, from gastronomics to court gossip, from the Punic wars to the Farnese. You will pass through the realm Maria Luigia of Austria, and follow the great music of Giuseppe Verdi. But the museum is not just wax: wlongside the historical representations, we also have reproductions of historical objects from these eras, such as the famous “Etrusan liver”. Some of the historical characters you can see include Francesco Petrarca or Maria Luigia of Austria, duchess of Parma. An interesting historical story is that it was Petrarca, in one of his incursions in Vigolzone, who inspired the creation of tailed tortelli.

The castle was built in 1395, maybe on the site of an existing structure, by Giovanni Anguissola, who lived there with his wife Beatrice Visconti. In the first part of the 19th century, Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone restored the castle and extended the castle annexes, building a new small village in neo-Gothic style. Probably the only ancient building left apart from the castle is the small church dedicated to Saint Anna, a private family chapel dating back to the 17th century.

For more information on opening times, please visit the official website.

We would also remind our fellow campers that you can park in Grazzano Visconti in the large carpark north of the Borgo.


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