La campana della Rocca dei Terzi

Visit to the Rocca dei Terzi of Sissa

The Rocca dei Terzi of Sissa Trecasali in the province of Parma, is part of the circuit of the Castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli and is the medieval castle with the highest tower in the Parma lowlands. Did you know 27 meters?

Our visit, our story, our emotions.

The history, the particularities

The first documents that tell us about the existence of the Rocca date back to around 1100 when it was raised for defense purposes. Around 1300 Giberto da Correggio, Lord of Parma, fortified numerous coastal villages in the war against Cremona: among these there was also Sissa.

Modified several times in the long term, it has experienced many changes of ownership, looting, occupations but despite everything the Terzi family knew how to maintain control of their domains.

The Rocca has kept the Torrione intact and the restorations that took place subsequently led to the discovery of a particularity:

Graffiti dei pellegrini nella Rocca dei Terzi
Graffiti dei pellegrini nella Rocca dei Terzi
  • very rare graffiti on the walls, testifying to the pilgrims who passed by and who found hospitality inside it: through a cross street that connected Lombardy to Parma, the path connected to the Via Francigena and Via Linari. Drawings, symbols, figures, allegories carved in the walls tell us about stories and people and their thoughts and what they saw along the way.

Also in the climb to the keep a rarity

Orologio della Rocca dei Terzi
Orologio della Rocca dei Terzi
  • a very rare tower clock wanted by Terzi, datable between 1450 and 1550 to move the dial hand on the facade of the keep. The mechanism is very particular and is in two trains forged iron, restored and fully functional. A real rarity to be admired.
  • finally, at the end of the route, you can enjoy the splendid panorama and the original wooden structure that supports the bell.

Inside the complex there are vast eighteenth-century classrooms with decorations and frescoes worthy of a visit: the fresco of “Day that drives away the night” by Sebastiano Galeotti in the former council chamber. On the “Piano Nobile” there is the atrium with a Ganimede kidnapped in vault and several rooms frescoed with tempera.

La Rocca dei Terzi: guided tours

The 2012 earthquake caused considerable damage to some parts of the structure: however, restoration work began immediately, which allowed visits to the public to continue.

To date the restoration of the Torrione has been completed, in order to make the visit and climb to the keep more accessible.

Some important works of consolidation and recovery of the courtyard and internal loggia have now been completed, which will bring the Rocca back to its former glory.

To date, guided tours are only allowed upon reservation to the email and provides any further indication and precaution to keep.

Our personal advice

In addition, in the area there are other particularities to visit to spend a definitely different weekend of tranquility and safety, never forgetting food and wine. See what we offer

Where to stop to visit the Rocca

You can stop in the parking lot next to the sports field, in via Finardi and in not even 500 meters. reach the center. La Rocca is located in Via Roma 9 in Sissa Trecasali. (Pr)

Our visit, our emotion

We went twice to see the Rocca dei Terzi, one in winter with the fog and the cold that surrounded the village and one in the height of summer, giving a magnificent panorama from the height of its 27 meters and the light of the day that illuminated it. He never fails to let himself be carried away by the curiosity of knowing stories and anecdotes, because the complex events and intrigues of families, dukes and duchies have passed through here. Visit not to be missed!



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