In viaggio tra i presepi d'Italia in camper

Traveling among the cribs of Italy in a camper

Christmas it’s not Christmas without the traditional ones nativity scenes: we want to get involved traveling among the Cribs of italy camper and focus on some of the most beautiful. Shall we leave?

Traveling among the Cribs of italy camper

Presepi Italia camper Matera

Cavallermaggiore (CN)

In the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Il has been performed for 45 years Cavallermaggiore nativity scene, made on a surface of over 300 m2. From 2 December to 8 January 2024, you will be able to “walk inside it”: because this particular nativity scene offers you the particularity of visiting it internally and observing the life scenes from different angles. Furthermore, some of his statues from the 1800s and early 1900s are 50 cm high, and mechanized. You will be able to see 15 fountains and water features up close, walk on over 300 kg of gravel and admire 2000 paper stars that make up the sky, just to give you some facts.

How to visit it

You can find the information on the dedicated website Who, while stopping is allowed for the time of the visit in the square adjacent to the nativity scene.


In Manarola, in the province of La Spezia, there is the largest Cribs in the world.

On approximately 4000m2. of the slope of the Tre Croci hill, this work by Mario Andreoli has been lit since 2007 and required 30 years of work.

Visible from the sea during the holiday season, it attracts thousands of tourists from all over Italy.

Furthermore, it is possible to admire the Cribs scene from different observation points, from the central square of Manarola, from via Rollandi or even from the via Beccara path which leads from Manarola to Riomaggiore with a spectacular view of Manarola and the entire coast. However, the advice is to equip yourself with a torch and other equipment to illuminate the path completely free of lights. You also have to pay close attention to the steps: there are 320 to get to the top of the hill!


Manarola and the nativity scene

How to visit it

Manarola is a very small village that is difficult to reach with large vehicles. Our advice is to stop in the rest area in La Spezia and take public transport to the train station. From there you can easily get to Manarola with the local Cinque Terre train. On 8 December 2023, on the occasion of the lighting of the Cribs scene, an additional train service will be guaranteed on the Genoa – Manarola – La Spezia line.


In the Marche, the fascinating Loreto exhibits the always visitable Artistic Cribs scene of the permanent mechanic Benedict XVI a stone’s throw from the Basilica of the Madonna. Over one hundred moving characters, starting from the Annunciation of Mary, up to the Nativity.

How to visit it

To visit it, it is advisable to note down the opening days and times via the website Creche. Or visit the site page of tourism also for your camper stop which is also very convenient for visiting the village.


Civita di Bagnoregio prov. Viterbo

Living nativity scene of Civita di Bagnoregio


If you are thinking of spending a few days in Tuscia, you cannot fail to stop in Civita di Bagnoregio.

In the magical environment of this village suspended on a tuff hill, the living nativity scene returns after two years. On 26 and 30 December 2023 and on the first, 6 and 7 January 2024, from 4pm to 7pm, crossing the iconic bridge suspended in the void, you will take a real leap back in time. Through ten different scenes that reconstruct the days of Jesus’ birth, the visitor will live a unique experience. The Arab souk, the Roman castrum, the noble residences, the Bedouin tribe, the artisans at work, the wise men, the shepherds, the lazaretto and of course the Nativity will have the beauty of the village as a natural backdrop. And towards the evening the visit becomes even more evocative illuminated by the light of torches.

How to visit it

For parking to visit this Cribs of italy camper we suggest you the paid parking for cars and campers on Strada Provinciale 6 just outside the center of Civita.

Greccio prov. Rieti 

In Greccio, in the province of Rieti, tradition dictates the first living representation of the cribs scene. One of the oldest nativity scenes, and still today, since 1972 every Christmas in Greccio you can relive that fascinating atmosphere through the Historical re-enactment of the Greccio Nativity scene, staged by the local Pro Loco. This is not a historical re-enactment of Christmas night in 1223, but rather the night of the First Nativity Scene; when Saint Francis of Assisi, in Greccio, summoned his friars and the inhabitants to celebrate Christmas around a cave where he placed a manger, an ox and a donkey. There are 6 distinct scenes which have the same inhabitants of the village as actors. On 8-24-26-28-30 December 2023 and 1-5-6-7 January 2024, you will be able to see actors and extras re-enact this moment and join the visit of the International Nativity Scene Museum.

How to visit it

We recommend you visit the official site of the living Cribs scene and the Greccio tourism website, where you will find all the necessary information.

In Greccio camper parking area is located via San Francesco a few hundred meters from the sanctuary. The area is open 24 hours a day all year round and is equipped with 7 pitches, water unloading/loading, drinking water fountain, electricity connection, night lighting, fenced flat area

Historic center can be reached during the holidays with a connection to the sanctuary and the historic center where the Christmas markets and the Living Nativity scene are located.

Castro dei Volsci

Our journey among the nativity scenes of Italy in a camper stops again in Lazio to offer you a village in Ciociaria, birth place of Nino Manfredi. In Castro dei Volsci one of the most beautiful villages in Italy will be staged on 26 December 2023 and 1 and 6 January 2024 “The country becomes a nativity scene”, a magic within a truly fascinating village. The event, now in its 27th edition this year, is now among the most important and well-known in central Italy.

In this little local Beltemme, over two hundred participants are involved.
They make us relive glimpses of the daily life of a peasant community typical of the early nineteenth century.
The entire performance is located within the historic center of Castro dei Volsci. Here among alleys, arches, streets, cellars, stables and disused rooms, characteristic corners come to life which are made even more evocative by Roman lights and torches.

How to visit it.

The route winds from via Porta di ferro, passes through the village and ends at the Nativity represented this year in an exceptional location: the interior of the church of Santa Maria where the Child will be placed, a real newborn with mum and dad next to him.

Not only that, during the journey we invite you to taste traditional pancakes, sausages, chestnuts and fried pizzas, washed down with good local wine.

The camper stop with electricity columns and loading/unloading is in the municipality of Castro dei Volsi in San Sosio near the Machere del Grillo restaurant, where you can also ask for the key to open the electricity columns. It is 6 km from the ancient village.


We move to Campania, in the beating heart of Neapolitan Christmas:  the Nativity. The place par excellence is viaS an Gregorio Armeno, in Naples: also known as via San Liguoro or as Strada Nostriana, it is the street of the centuries-old shepherd makers and here there is a real cult around the nativity scene.

How to visit it

It is a street entirely dedicated to the shops where there are cribs scene masters who hand-make statuettes that reproduce the protagonists of the Neapolitan nativity scene. A truly ancient tradition that has managed to remain alive over the years thanks also to the passion of many artisans

You can find every reference on tourism site Campania and in item dedicated to the shops. As well as when parking in a camper


Another fascinating living Cribs we must mention is the one a Matera and this year the title will be “The Italian nativity scene of bread and peace” on the weekends of 8 -16 -29 December 2023 and 5-6 January 2024. The route will be 4 km long and will touch all the views already known for having been the locations of numerous films that have consecrated Matera as the “Jerusalem of the South Italy”, from Sasso Barisano to Sasso Caveoso. 200 people will be involved, including professional actors, extras, historical re-enactors, companies from all over Italy, to make this Living Nativity Scene a truly unique event.

But only walking around the Sassi of Matera will give you a truly special emotion. Angela, who visited it for New Year’s Eve in 2018 and under a snowfall, felt like she was truly in a living nativity scene!

How to visit it

We leave you the official website of the event where you can buy tickets at a cost of €10.00 for adults and €5.00 for children aged 6 to 10; Who instead you can find all the information for your camper stop.


Before moving on to our region, let’s conclude this journey among the Cribs of italy camper in Sicily. This fantastic region visited by Angela in January 2023 has many villages where this tradition takes place every year.Very heartfelt brings together Municipalities, Proloco, religious associations, which work to revive the magic of the Nativity and local centuries-old traditions.

It therefore seems right to us to include it among the Nativity Scenes to visit in Italy in a camper and if you are thinking of a Sicilian holiday or trip it will be a splendid stop. We will therefore leave you the link that contains them is the link.

And if you are also looking for information for camper parking in Sicilian campsites we offer you one of our articles dedicated to  Sicily Camping Card.

Traveling among the nativity scenes of Italy in Emilia Romagna, in a camper

Ours too region it has its own Cribs scenes of Italy that you can visit in camper; some are on water, or sand. Others are mechanics and still others are in front of every house in the small village and even though they are smaller they still know how to fascinate, let’s see some of them:


Presepi camper Cervia

Cervia credits Visit Cervia

We go to Romagna and there are 3 protagonists of the Nativity of Cervia, a town famous for its salt pans, within the Musa – Salt Museum. In the salt cribs, the figurines are made through the guided crystallization of salt, a particular and delicate technique, and stored in a glass case for correct conservation. In the salt workers’ cribs, the Nativity is represented in the typical salt workers’ reed hut. The life-size statues were created towards the end of the 1980s. These are patinated terracotta figures molded  created by a famous ceramist from Cervia. Finally, a very particular nativity scene: the mechanical one set in the territories of the municipality of Cervia. A masterpiece of tradition and mechanics created over 20 years of work.

And from December 20, 2023 to January 7, 2024 you will be able to see them all.

How to visit it

To visit it, you must respect the times and days indicated at  Museum website. For parking we recommend that you consult the tourism site of Cervia

Longiano (FC)

The historic center is filled with nativity scenes placed outside the houses and in the squares for a walk made unique by the Christmas lights and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the city. The 23rd edition of Longiano Dei Presepi returns from 8 December 2023 to 14 January 2024. The flagship will be the large mechanical nativity scenes of the War Refuge and the Sanctuary of the Crucifix, to name a few. In short, a suggestive route in this medieval village, Orange Flag of Touring and extremely welcoming.

How to visit it

Visiting hours and collateral events can be found here Who or read the official website of the Municipality of Longiano. Camper parking is permitted in the Piazza Giovanni Rocca car park with camper service. Difficulty in maneuvering for vehicles over 7 m.


One of the most famous terracotta nativity scenes is located inside the Modena Cathedral, displayed in a niche to the right of the central nave and dates back to 1527. Despite having been moved for restoration work, it has always remained inside the Cathedral and we visited it during our gathering in the Modena area and were particularly fascinated by it.

How to visit it

It can always be visited because the Cathedral is always accessible. For this, we provide the Cathedral site and for your stop the tourism site of the city.

Bobbio (PC)

Along the streets of the center, from 24 December, it will be possible to admire the best designer nativity scenes throughout the Christmas period, set up and clearly visible in shop windows, under porticoes and even in private courtyards. The map with the various stages is available at the local IAT office.

How to visit it

The stop is at designated area and it’s outdoors

Bazzano hamlet. Neviano degli Arduini (Pr)

Presepi Camper Bazzano

Bazzano (Neviano degli Arduini) Parma

Also called the country of cribs, along the streets of the small town, every house, courtyard, window is adorned with a handmade nativity scene. it will be exciting to wander around with the map to find them all and… marvel at people’s imagination and their passion for creating them.

How to visit it

You can find every reference on the website of Man-Environment Museum asking for the manager Desolina, who will welcome you with pleasure.


The appointment with returns Christmas at the Annunziata organized and set up by Italian Association of Friends of the Nativity Scene Headquarters in Parma and set up in Cloister of the SS.Annunziata of Parma. The exhibition will see a majority of nativity scenes created by members from Northern Italy. Among the cribs on display, a special mention is made of the Neapolitan-style cribs scene.

How to visit it

To reach the Church from rest area you can use the bus at the exit of the car park which stops right in front of the church. While the opening hours of the Nativity Scene Exhibition are divided as follows: Mon-Fri: 3.30pm-6.30pm / Saturday-Sunday and holidays: 10am-12pm and 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vigoleno (PC)

Even the small medieval village protected by the ancient walls and the keep, has its own mechanical nativity scene. We have already told you about it

In a camper to Vigoleno, among cribs and traditions


We end this journey among the Cribs of italy  we visited in  camper, but not only with “A world of nativity scenes” exhibition of nativity scenes from all over the world collected inside the Palazzo del Podestà, which you can add to a visit to the ancient Piacenza village. It is an event that has been repeated for 15 years now and which brings together over 100 nativity scenes in various materials and dimensions. It can be visited from 10 November 2023 to 14 January on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

How to visit it

You can include this visit with a simple walk around the village or with guided tours of the IAT. And if your itinerary takes you here for the weekend of December 8-9-10, then you can combine it with the small Christmas market.

The camper parking is in the car park, without services No. 4, in the upper part 50 meters from the entrance door of Castell’Arquato.

Our conclusions

Traveling among the Cribs of italy camper is equivalent to traveling the long road of the all-Italian tradition. You will be  immersed in one of the most cherished Christmas elements we have.

We have made this list far too long, but we wanted to give a more intimate look at one of the symbols of our Christmas. It’s true, the tree is beautiful and we can decorate it in various ways (see Angela’s). But the nativity scene, for Monica and also Angela, occupies and always has done, a special place.  Maybe it will be the search for the figurines, the moss (today there is less and less of it), the composition, and the message it represents, very touching, as Monica always says.

So we thought we’d look for and remember the most beautiful ones, not only in our Emilia, but also around Italy and aware of the fact that we haven’t mentioned them all, we invite you to share with us what we haven’t included! It will be exciting to find more, thanks to your help!

And now… good km, looking for your favorite nativity scene.



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