Scopello - Trapani

Trapani and surroundings: what to see in a few days

Let’s go back to talking about our dream crowned in mid-May: Trapani and its surroundings.

Even if for a few days, it was enough to be fascinated by it. And now you will say “easy, all of Sicily is wonderful”.

We filled our eyes and hearts in every corner, houses, capitals, churches and nature, flowered balconies, art and sculptures, everywhere there was something to admire and stories to hear …

Do you want to travel in stages with me?

Trapani and surroundings: what to see in a few days

Tempio di Segesta - Trapani
Tempio di Segesta – Trapani

We knew it when we left, a few days are very few to see everything we would have wanted but the stages we have done are just a simple beginning.

  • Erice
  • Segesta, the Temple and the Theater
  • The salt pans of Trapani
  • The Zingaro Reserve
  • San Vito lo Capo
  • Castellamare del Golfo
  • The city and the sea of Trapani

but of all this one thing among all remained in our hearts: the great hospitality, availability, and generosity towards us who knew practically nothing and who were welcomed and directed where we could go and what to see, eat rather than simply the best way to do.

Then the curiosity to see everything we could we made it through and we enjoyed every single moment of that show.

We have also often left out the social networks that are sometimes so intrusive as to steal time from the beauty of the moment.

Trapani, the most beautiful areas, the liveliest emotions

The scents, the colors of the sea, the colorful houses with flowered balconies and the ancient history, but also the wide open spaces, almost uninhabited, which contrasted with the soft hills adorned with soft vineyards make this area of Sicily enchanting and suggestive.

Very rich from an archaeological point of view, if we think precisely of Segesta and Selinunte (we have not been but we will do it again), the area offers jewels to admire, precisely Erice with its ancient walls and the Mother Church (wonderful).

There are those who prefer nature and then the Riserva dello Zingaro is an unmissable stop. We spent a morning walking the route between Scopello and San Vito lo Capo. But there are also the Egadi islands that offer unique emotions (and which we will see next tour).

Those who love the city center with the central Via Garibaldi and Corso Vittorio Emanuele, kissed by the sea, the premises and its vitality, and then its movement, its peculiarities, such as the Ligny Tower.

How to get around in Trapani and surroundings

Obviously we were in the car, because we landed at Vincenzo Florio airport and rented a comfortable minivan: it must be said that even in the camper, all cities are touched by the motorway and / or expressway and therefore can be easily crossed anywhere. Paid or not paid parking, just outside the center, are convenient for a stop and thus wander freely on foot.

But if we had had a motorbike (or someone who has a camper and so move around on a moped), we bet it would be even more beautiful and fun.

Our personal conclusions

It is obvious that Sicily is one of the most popular regions for tourists and onlookers and you, who may be reading my article, have already visited it and therefore these places are known to you.

I am interested in sharing them as well as information, the beauty and charm of what we have seen, the emotions, and give an extra reason if necessary, to take courage and leave for those who have not yet been.

The journey is worth it.

A journey is not a journey without a little taste (as we always say) and who says that taste cannot be not only a tasty dish, but also that for the beauty of the area?

See you soon, then, because we will do the next steps together, like a logbook.



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