oggetti che non devono mancare in camper copertina

The five top things to always have in your camper

Travelling by camper allows us to immerse ourselves in each destination we visit, but without giving up on our habits and our autonomy. Whether you are a beginner or you intend to start from the first time, we thought it would be useful to offer a list of the things that you should never be without: trust us, you will find it useful!

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Long live usefulness!

More and more people want to travel by camper, we know this, but why? Because this type of travel gives us freedom to move about, the chance to make a last-minute choice of destination and activity, without worrying about booking accommodation. We should also remember that this is a relatively low cost activity if we compare it to staying in a hotel. For those who do not want to give up on a few home comforts, organisation before you leave is essential: so we have produced a short list of objects that you should never leave behind.

  • First-aid kit is a priority. You can always hurt yourself on your travels, cut yourself during a walk or fall and bang your head. So the first-aid kit is essential, and will allow you to travel more peacefully.

  • Never forget the external carpet. Camper travel also means allowing yourself moments of relaxation in beautiful rest-areas deep in our natural habitats: so an outside carpet is very useful if you want to relax in comfort, and in winter, it is vital for cleaning your boots before you go back in the camper.

  • Always make sure you have a power extension, which should also be flame-proof. It should be covered in a anti-flame material, at least 3×2.5, and 20-25 metres long. This will allow you to connect your camper to the electricity supply points you can find in the rest-areas.

  • Thermal reflective vehicle panels are essential for a comfortable voyage: there are two types with a grey or aluminium cover that reflect the sun’s rays: thanks to its isolating layer, the external heat does not penetrate your vehicle. The internal version is more suited to summer use, while the external type helps to protect your windows from icing, but it also serves to keep your camper cool

  • never forget a water tank, it will be your best friend.

Eating and drinking in your camper

So now a brief thought about what is undoubtedly the camper’s “weakness”, their love for good food and quality raw materials and ingredients that they find along their travels. Travelling by camper means exploring a destination in depth, meeting the people of the area, and tasting the very good best that each zone offers. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have always extra-virgin olive oil, artisanal beers and traditional wines in your camper cupboards. Those who genuinely love food should visit Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, and we have created a Producers’ itinerary for you, to enjoy a fantastic snack of Parmigiano Reggiano and our excellent cold cuts.


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