salone del camper copertina

The Camper Salone 2018 ends: feelings and thoughts

Preparing for any event or fair always means a frenetic period of activity, the desire to prepare everything correctly, to consider every detail, and the fear that you might have forgotten something – this can become a genuine source of anxiety! But when the doors open and the people start to arrive, the anxiety disappers and the frenetic activity of preperation gives way to a real pleasure:

  • that we can meet so many people

  • that we can put a face to people who we only know from “social media” profiles

  • that we can see people again after a long time

  • that we can exchange opinions and ideas with the people who follow and encourage us.

The Camper Salone

And in fact, this is what usually happens at the Camper Salone: we meet up again with friends and people we know, people who love this type of tourism like we so. We exchange opinions on various issues and talk about work. But since this Fair is the first after the summer, we also swop stories of the holidays we have just finished, or those we have just organised.

The public are the most important piece of this picture. Over the nine days of the fair, in pavilion 2, which deals with travel and locations, many people stopped at our stand, to learn more about the Camper Club’s ideas and to gather ideas for weekend trips, travel plans or fairs. Many people recognised our logo and stopped to say hello: some asked for information, others signed up to our newsletter and others again became members, asking for ever different travel plans and events.

All our efforts in organising our stand were repaid by the compliments we recieved and the warmth of the people who stopped by. These are the people who make our work worthwhile, who inspire us to carry on along our road, and who folow us as we go on with the work of In Camper con Gusto. With our hearts full of joy, we are sure that we will see you all again soon!


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