Our card: how to get it and how to renew it

Tessera In Camper con Gusto

Autumn reminds us that it is now time for a change of seasons, wardrobes and our cards! In fact, let’s start talking about our card: how to get it and how to renew it, for our members. We remind you that it is valid from 1st January and will expire on 31st December 202o. Who … Read more

At the court of His Majesty the culatello

Of the series a different camper stop: an experience of taste in the company of the culatello. Thinking about a different camper stop, experiential there are many ideas that swirl us immediately in the head, and in our articles some of them we have already proposed and we will continue to do so. But if … Read more

4 camping e 3 itinerari

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