Cerreto Alpi

Snow excursions in the Appennines

If you love snow excursions or winter sports, a perfect destination is the Appennines in Reggio, and here we would like to offer a calendar of suitable events. But first, we should explain what we mean by “snow rackets”: designed to allow you to move easily across the fresh snow on foot, they easily fit over water-proof boots or shoes, and allow you to walk on fresh snow without falling or slipping.

Insert your foot so that the heel and toe of your shoe are immediately above the toe and heel of the ”racket” and then lace them together at the front and back. They are very popular for snow excursions, and to make walking in the snow easier you also use ski poles, similiar to those used in skiing. We strongly recommend the use of the rackets, because they make you more stable.

We have enjoyed a beautiful snow-racket excursion in the snow, detailed here.

Where to go in the Reggio Appennines

We can strongly recommend three places for lovers of this sport

  • Cerreto Alpi, run by the Briganti del Cerreto, where you can park your camper in front of the mountain refuge.

  • Sassalbo: you can park at the Ristorante Giannarelli and take the shuttle services to Sassalbo.

  • Passo del Cerreto, parking again at the Giannarelli.

How to get there by camper

For more information on dates, costs and equipment, please visit the Website of the Briganti del Cerreto.


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