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Slow Tourism and campers our interpretation

Slow tourism and campers are in our opinion the winning card and here we give you our personal interpretation, when we will return to travel.

We, who have always set out to make known to you who read us now and to our public, the excellence of the territories we visit and the beauties of gastronomy, we propose you to combine slow tourism and camper. And our card can be a valid help to live a real slow tourism experience.

More and more people are looking for an experience on a journey that allows them to understand in a conscious and complete way what they are visiting and going through.

Stopping for a few days in a province to get to know and touch the natural cultural and food and wine beauties that characterize it, represents a different way of being a traveler that is very much in the hearts of us campers.

And in fact, one of the purposes that our card sets out is precisely to make you live a true experience of slow tourism.

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Stay in a camper on the farm with us

Area rest

But what does Slow Tourism mean?

The most authoritative travel magazines indicate with this term that tourism that avoids hectic journeys that impose rhythms of visit routes, stops for meals, mileage, typical elements of mass tourism, hit and run tourism so to speak. We are referring to the type of tourism that must visit, see everything despite having a few days available.

Slow Tourism, on the other hand, encourages slow travel, which allows tourists to manage their time to experience the place they are visiting, and to fully understand its beauty.

In slow travel, nature and respect for the environment are fundamental ingredients; together with the possibility of living a true and unique experience that enriches the traveler with emotions and memories to take home and share.

Why do we embrace slow tourism and campers?

According to our personal opinion, the camper can allow us to travel slower than other means of transport. Although less environmentally friendly than the train or bicycles, which are almost always supplied with campers, a trip by camper is much more relaxing than another means.

In our opinion, campers, caravans, vans or tents are the ideal means to realize this ever more pressing need in human beings.

Probably only trekking surpasses other eco-sustainable ways of traveling.

Slow tourism and campers are for us that combination that satisfies the ever growing need to slow down and enjoy your free time in the midst of nature and peoples.

rest in farm

Here are some of our reasons

  • Live the path
    For a camper like you and us, “the journey begins by turning the ignition key”. Which means that already in that action each of us feels on vacation.

The kilometers of the route are also part of the journey and the view of the landscape that we cross relaxes the spirit, excites us and gives us another journey.

  • Slow down the journey
    Every trip starts by planning stops and stops as much as possible, but along the way a panorama, a particular indication, teases the camper to a change of route or a change of stop. New unexpected places to visit, slow down and enrich the journey with new emotions.

For us it means taking the time to get to know a place and familiarize ourselves with its culture to understand it better.

Obviously it is equivalent to being able to visit fewer monuments, parks or tourist attractions, but we will certainly be able to fully enjoy the trip. We will have wonderful memories and we will draw the inspiration to come back a second or third time, knowing that we have lived a wonderful experience.

  • Experience emotions
    You too will certainly agree that on every journey we all look for emotions to experience and take home in memories.

The camper, perhaps just like the boat, can give us unique emotions; the stops at the sea in a wonderful bay, an evening spent outdoors under the awning chatting with friends while sipping the wine of the producer who welcomes us, are just some examples of the various emotions that the camper gives us.

But the slow tourism of In Camper Con Gusto can give you emotions to live that will introduce you to unique realities where you will be the protagonist of that experience.

We invite you to enter our site and, in the about us section, scroll down to our statute. Reading it you will be able to know the aims of our way of experiencing slow tourism.

You will therefore understand that our card offers you the opportunity to live a concrete experience in a territory:

  • With a stop at a farm or agricamperggio
  • Visit to the production and tasting
  • With an agreement for a guided tour or entrance to museums and castles.

As we say above these are in our opinion the most concrete way to have a real experience and if you are a traveler with children on board this will be an opportunity for them.

In fact, it will be an experience that will enrich them, make them interact with the places you will visit and it will be a moment of their vacation that they will remember for a long time.

In Camper Con Gusto is the beauty and the good of slow tourism and camper.


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