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Sissa Trecasali: an itinerary in a camper to discover

For a family who wants to enjoy a weekend away from the classic destinations, Sissa Trecasali is an itinerary in a camper to discover.

We are in the lower Parma area, about half an hour from Parma, in that strip of territory that often sees the fog blowing in the winter but which in spring and summer is appreciated for its nature, tranquility and beautiful sunny days.

Sissa Trecasali: what to see and what to do


Rocca dei Terzi Sissa Trecasali itinerario in camper
Rocca dei Terzi Sissa Trecasali itinerario in camper

In first place, we put the fascinating Rocca dei Terzi: one of the most beautiful, inside which you can admire the very rare graffiti of the pilgrims who found hospitality here. On the climb to the keep you will also find the rare clock dated between 1440 and 1450, all to watch and the climb to the Torrione, to admire the beauty of the panorama from its 23 meters high.

In addition, you will also find many small museums born from the will of individuals capable of giving very strong emotions: the museums of peasant civilization, the Museum of Memory, the Cantoni Museum dedicated to the most popular dance music so loved and known.

Last but not least, the Fornace with the fired bricks used to build the Campanile di San Marco in Venice.

In short, a dip in the past, in our roots and in our memories.


Are you a nature lover, walks and maybe photography ?: 3 dedicated places: there are the Boschi Maria Luigia, the largest park where you can walk or cycle paths and paths with refreshment areas and playground. You will find the Torrile and Trecasali Nature Reserve, where in the large and peaceful car park you can stop and enjoy a fantastic oasis, admiring and photographing over 300 species of birds and more. Last but not least, the Fontanili di Viarolo: an area of ​​rich vegetation, hidden fish and fountains.


Pista ciclabile Sissa Trecasali itinerario in camper
Pista ciclabile Sissa Trecasali itinerario in camper

What if you like cycling? There are many cycle paths that connect the whole territory and that also reach Po, along the banks of the river.


Speaking of Po, there is also the river marina that offers the opportunity to stop with the camper and to book and make boat trips or rent a mountain bike to go far and wide, pedaling.

Local and typical food and wine

The Parma lowlands are renowned for the Culatello which is the “King of Cured Meats”. But next to each king, there is always a queen worthy of note, and the raw shoulder of Palasone Sissa is in this area. The first historical signs date back to around 1170, up to the present day where the Consortium has adopted a strict disciplinary for its production.

And be careful not to be confused with the “Fiocchetto” …

Our conclusions of the itinerary by camper in Sissa Trecasali

Follow us because this is our first story, it is a floury of what you can find in the country: soon we will go into more detail and we will tell you much more. You will see, Sissa Trecasali is an itinerary in a camper that will be a discovery for more than a weekend, very interesting and full of tranquility.


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