Prosciutto crudo di Parma al Salumificio Sant'Ambrogio

Salumificio Sant’Ambrogio in the Parma area

We came to know the sparkling Roberto owner with his wife Carla in his salamificio Sant’Ambrogio in the Parma area.

We are on the first hills just above Traversetolo, in Bazzano.

He welcomes us into his family-run company and proudly tells us how he was born and what he produces.

His story

“Ours is a small sausage factory founded in 1970 by my father Antonio, a tireless farmer and pork butcher for passion. Until his death he always remained by my side to teach me the secrets and tricks that a good and passionate pork butcher must have to do this job.

Just my father, especially in winter when the countryside was at rest, was engaged in the activity of pork butcher. From the passion then to salt a few thighs and then let it mature on the porch of the house, in 1996 it became what you see now, the Salumificio Sant’Ambrogio that I introduce you today.

The company produces various typical Parma products with care and passion:

  • salami
  • cup
  • Piacenza bacon
  • culatello with rind
  • bow
  • pig cheek
  • the particular salami of Parmigiano Reggiano

Then lonzino, sweet speck and wanting in the winter period from October to March the cotechino, the zampone, the bishop’s hat, the swivels and the cicciolata ”

The guided tour inside the Salumificio Sant’Ambrogio

Salumificio Sant'Ambrogio
Salumificio Sant’Ambrogio


We begin the guided tour with Roberto: what we want to emphasize is the choice of raw materials that must always be excellent so that, in the end, an equally excellent product is obtained.

Strictly without the use of preservatives to guarantee the quality and naturalness of the products themselves.

In fact, the genuineness of artisan cured meats guarantees us greedy consumers not only the goodness and satisfaction of the palate but also and above all our well-being.

We then arrive at the room for salting the thighs, after the “sugnatura”, and finally the seasoning and here we are overwhelmed by a perfume that makes your mouth water.

Our personally conclusions

Listening to Roberto and seeing him work with Carla with so much passion is a pleasure: not only do you learn a lot of information about the products, on every single topic but you get in touch with a world that we often take for granted because we believe we know it.

Then the Gogliardico aspect, Roberto is really a sunny person and passionate about his work and listening to it, also means, having fun with anecdotes of the territory and beyond. A visit not to be missed!

A curiosity

Do you know why he chose the name “Sant’Ambrogio”? Because he is the patron of Bazzano, the small town where he lives and works with the sausage factory and which bodes well for the business.

How to visit and stop in the Salumificio Sant’Ambrogio
Roberto and his sausage factory remain in via Cavandola in Bazzano Parmense.

For visits and camper reception you can check the attached form 1 and 2 and in all cases, call before arriving, announcing that you want to do the guided tour.

We also provide the contacts of the sausage factory:

Tel +39 0521/847800 and the email is


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