Collezione Salsapariglia di Reggio Emilia

Salsapariglia Collection in Reggio Emilia: perfect for lovers of mechanical vintage

Lovers of all things mechanical vintage cannot miss a trip to the Salsapariglia Collection, located in via Provinciale Nord in Bagnolo in Piano. This private collection includes 150 motorbikes, agricultural and industrial motors from 1900, phonographs, gramophones and radio sets from 1870: a unique opportunity to come into contact with the past, discovering old treasures and objects of interest. Another great feature of the Collection is that it is full of photographs from various eras, offering further illustration of life in those times.

Advice for visitors

Nello Salsapariglia, born in 1926, had a passion for motors from when he was a child. He would run out of his house at dawn, when the tractor drivers would prepare their vehicles for another hard day’s work, and so he would follow all the steps necessary to get the motor to start up.

The Salsapariglia Collection is spread across three floors, that takes visitors on a tour of many forms of mechanical engineering. We start with the tractors: indeed, it was on these very machines that Nello spent some of his working life, aratura the fields from the middle of the 1940s. This experience led him to produce his “own” tractors, made from various pieces recovered from abandoned US military vehicles. With creativity and real mechanical ability, Salsapariglia made the first “Lesa” tractors by using the gearbox of GMC and Dodge military trucks. But we also have motocycles and many other such treasures from those years.

For more information on opening hours, please visit the Collection’s website.


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