galleria arte moderna ricci oddi piacenza

Ricci Oddi modern art gallery at Piacenza

Located in via San Siro 13 in Piacenza, the Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery, was created by Piacentino collector Giuseppe Ricci Oddi and opened in 1931: today, it hosts one of the most important collections of 18th and early 19th century paintings and sculptures in Italy. The collection is mainly figurative, even if Ricci Oddi – who never got too close to the more avantguard movements of the 19th century – was also interested in some of the less radical new departures of the start of the 19th Century.

Visitor guide to the Gallery

The Gallery’s rooms are decorated in harmony with the various groups of artists’ works on display, organised by origin and geographic area, styles and chronological periods, and include areas dedicated to the various regional schools of art, and others to artistic movements in general. Among the master painters and masterpieces on display, the following are of particular significance:

  • Giovanni Fattori and Telemaco Signorini;

  • The great portrait of the Lord (around 1880), a pastel work by Giovanni Boldini;

  • Sunset (1900-1902) by Giuseppe Pelizza da Volpedo;

  • Francesco Hayez’s Portrait of Man (1834), the oldest work on display;

  • Felice Carena and Felice Casorati from the Italian 19th century tradition, next to works by Arturo Tosi, Aldo Carpi and Carlo Carrà, and a portrait (1910) by Umberto Boccioni;

  • the masterpiece Piazza d’Anversa in Parigi (1880) by the great Federico Zandomeneghi.

  • Amongst the sculpture, we have “Ecce puer” (1906) in wax by Medardo Rosso, as well as bronze works by Paolo Troubetzkoy and pieces by Adolfo Wildt, Francesco Messina and Vincenzo Gemito, among others.

For more information on opening hours, please visit the Gallery’s official website.


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