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Pomponesco in a camper: a village to discover

Pomponesco in a camper is a destination to visit for several reasons, one of all because it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Do you know where it is and what to see? Then, the main question, what and where to eat?

Let’s start the journey …

Pomponesco where it is

Pomponesco is located in the province of Mantua and the town laps the main bank of the river Po. We are in the middle of the Po valley and in winter the fog is the ingredient that is never lacking as well as mosquitoes in the summer.

Pomponesco what to see

Surely we tell you the characteristic central square of the village Piazza 23 aprile, with the palaces equipped with arcades: here once lived the courtiers of the Gonzaga, the lords of the Borgo who in the Renaissance years tried to make it, literally, “an ideal city”: there is only one square and nothing else (it’s not really like that…). Under the arcades you will find the characteristic bars that are the background to the many chatter of the inhabitants of the village and where the scent of cappelletti in broth or Mantuan pumpkin tortelli hovers, perhaps seasoned with the delicious homemade ragù.

The arcades still in wood create the right atmosphere to be film scenes, in fact Bernardo Bertolucci shot part of the two films The Spider Strategy and the Twentieth Century. Tinto Brass, on the other hand, some scenes of Miranda and the whole film Monella and finally here the exteriors of Don Camillo were shot.

The central square narrows into a small square that directs the perspective towards the steps of the embankment and the river. Yes, we know … if you turn your back to the steps to take a photo, in the background there is a chimney and it’s not the best, but this is it.

The town hall and the archpriest church of Santa Felicita and the Sette Fratelli Martiri face each other on the square with their bell towers.

Two curiosities

  • Palazzo Cantoni, which belonged to one of the most important Israelite families in the country, extends to the small Jewish cemetery where the writer Alberto Cantoni rests
  • The small town theater. It is no ordinary theater: inaugurated in the early twentieth century, it has architectural elements typical of that period and is very intimate, intimate. If open, go for a ride inside.

Pomponesco and nature

Now you will tell us … ok given the square and if the theater and the church are open, what else to do?

A stop that we advise you not to miss, if you want to live an immersive experience in relaxation and nature, are the paths in the Garzaia Nature Reserve or the protected natural area located in the river Po. They are the alluvial soils of the river Po and the area is surrounded by white willows where quiet little egrets and gossips and apparently owls flutter!

There are several itineraries to be done on foot or by bicycle:

  • there are two routes, one asphalted on the Argine Maestro del Po and you will travel about 12 km or the dirt path, about 10km. The journey can then continue up to Viadana and on the opposite side to Guastalla.
  • or start from the staircase leaving the square behind you, go straight towards Strada del Peccato and turning left you arrive at Montecitorio (not what you think) but the small marina and picnic area and then go back.
    Just remember that to cross the Reserve a type of clothing with dull colors and a hat, mosquito repellent, closed shoes and socks is recommended.

Where and what to eat in Pomponesco

Pomponesco Luadel
Luadel Pomponesco

For us at In Camper con Gusto it is necessary to have this information: where and what to eat in Pomponesco:

The difficult choice falls between the cappelletti in broth, with the stuffing based on overcooked beef, and the Mantuan pumpkin tortelli with quince mustard and amaretti. Maltagliati with beans and vegetable broth are also typical.

The specialty that you absolutely cannot miss is called luadèl. or “the flatbread of the poor”, puff pastry bread spread with lard to be paired with cured meats – first of all the cooked shoulder – and soft cheeses.

In addition to this we must also mention the exquisite melons and watermelons, Mantuan pears, Lambrusco wines from Viadana, various sauces and mustards to combine with boiled meats.

Where is it? In the square of the village and the town you will find several trattorias and typical restaurants and therefore you only have to choose …

Pomponesco in camper: where to stop

The town does not have a rest area and unfortunately you have to settle for the Via Don Primo Mazzolari car park from the sports center. It has no connections, no services, it’s just a parking lot. The closest for every need is Guastalla.

And then…? What to do besides Pomponesco in a camper

Do you think it’s over here? Certainly not … you are in one of the most beautiful areas of the lowlands and you have around the magnificent Po. You can go about 15 km away to San Matteo delle Chiaviche to see the famous bridge of boats, with your vehicle or by bicycle if you are trained.

On one side you have the Guastalla bridge and reach it, crossing the Po or going towards Viadana and reaching Brescello, in the Reggiano area. In short… there are many possibilities for other visits and other trips, without ever forgetting the Taste.

Happy Km or miles!


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