Podere Fedespina Winery

Podere Fedespina Winery

Podere Fedespina winery is a story handed down over the centuries and we came to Mulazzo in upper Lunigiana, where we met Antonio, Mirta Fedespina’s husband to tell us about it.

The history of the family, the territory and the cellar

We are in Mulazzo, in the province of Massa and Carrara, in the Lunigiana borderland between Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia.

Mirta and Antonio are the owners of the farm and together with the oenologist Francesco Petacco in 2003 they decided to renew their vineyard by replanting Merlot and Ciliegiolo, grape varieties known in the upper Lunigiana.

In 2006 the first harvest yielded excellent results and later continued with the acquisition of another part of the vineyard located in the beautiful open valley called Valle di Caprio: in the background we see Monte Orsaro on which, over 40 years ago, experimentation began for the production of classic method sparkling wine.

The wines are produced in a natural way, without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, clarifications or anything else: Antonio tells us that it is true that the yields are low but healthy and rich bunches are selected.

There are 3 wines:

  • Fedespina: the wine takes its name from a family history handed down over the centuries. Antonio tells us the story of an ancestor of the Fedespina family, this Rossi administrator of the Marquisate property who foiled a palace conspiracy against the Marquis Malaspina. The action of the fearless, for gratitude and loyalty, was rewarded by giving him the surname Fedespina (loyal to the Marquis).
    It is a Pinot Noir produced from grapes over 40 years old and already ruby ​​red in color and the scent perceives all the authentic aroma of the area.
  • Ca ‘: understood as home, land and love for the earth. Dark ruby ​​red Merlot with an elegant and intense aroma at the same time.
  • Spinorosso: two types of grapes, Merlot and Ciliegiolo form this wine. The name derives from the fact that the farm was included in the fiefdom called Spino Secco and was under the influence of a branch of the Marquis Malaspina. A good perfume, long persistence on the palate.

Services for campers from Podere Fedespina winery

The cellar does not have services for the night, there are no connections or services but there is room for 10 campers to park. Our members can take advantage of the 10% discount agreement on the purchase of 6 bottles of wine, also assorted.

What to do in the company

In the company you can take the guided tour inside the cellar and the tasting of course by booking in advance:

  • guided tours for a minimum of 2 people
  • tasting of typical local products paired with the 3 wines
  • we speak english
  • visit and reception cards


Podere Fedespina is located in Via Generale della Chiesa Arpiola 35 – 54026 Mulazzo (MS)

Telephones to which you can refer +39 0187 439610 | +39 328 5827845 Antonio Farina | +39 333 8338013 Matteo Farina

E-mail info@poderefedespina.it



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