Cantina Pietro Cassina

Pietro Cassina Az. Vitivinicola a Lessona

We are in a small town in the northeast of Piedmont, surrounded by hills and mountains, not far from Monte Rosa and Turin. We are at Pietro Cassina and his winery in Lessona, about 20 minutes from Biella.

Pietro welcomes campers and offers his guests tastings and guided tours and opens the doors of his reality to us, let’s follow him …

Pietro Cassina winery in Lessona

Degustazione Pietro Cassina
Winery Pietro Cassina

On a property of about 7 hectares of vineyards, as well as woods, Nebbiolo finds the perfect microclimate to be the best wine in these areas.

We also find other important local indigenous wines such as Vespolina, Croatina, Erbaluce and Uva Rara.

The peculiarity is that both the woods and Monte Rosa protect the vines from too cold winters and too hot summers.

Around the cellar there is a natural oasis that helps preserve the microclimate and biodiversity of the place by protecting insects, especially bees and earthworms, which contribute to pollination and the regulation of harmful parasites in the vineyard.

Tradition, Passion and Ambition by Pietro Cassina

Degustazione Pietro Cassina
Winery Pietro Cassina

Pietro Cassina personally leads, together with the contribution of his wife and children, the small company, continuing to maintain the ever-improving quality of wines as a philosophy.

In its cellar there are elegant wines suitable for both daily consumption and for the big occasion.

The peculiarity of the winery

Let’s take Peter’s words directly

“Always very attentive to sustainability, we vinify in a three-level underground cellar using the gravity method, moving grapes, must and wine from one level to another without using pumps, avoiding stressing the product. In addition, the thermal inertia of the underground walls avoids the artificial conditioning of the internal temperature of the cellar ”

For this reason and much more it is worthwhile to travel to get to know this reality, take advantage of the stop and the various tastings.

Services for campers

The company has 3 lay-bys for campers, without services. There are no electricity connections, only for water loading on request and there is no possibility of draining the water.

What to do in the winery

  • Guided tours for a fee and of various types, minimum 2 maximum 30 people
  • English is spoken


Address: Cascina Chignalungo Via IV Novembre 171 – 13853 Lessona (BI) – Alto Piemonte

Telephne Mobile Pietro Cassina 333-2518903 Carolina Mabritto 349/8533123-  Sito – Email

Producer profile: Pietro Cassina azienda vitivinicola


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