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Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020

It was February 16th 2018 when Minister Dario Franceschini, during the ceremony organized at MIBACT, announced the victory of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020.

Here is the video of Repubblica in which the Minister announced this great result for Parma, but also for the whole of Emilia.

Parma was chosen in front of nine other candidate cities (remember Agrigento, Bitonto, Casale Monferrato, Macerata, Merano, Nuoro, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Treviso).

A great result arrived thanks to the collaboration of many local actors in creating a joint and univocal program “Culture beats time“. A project that in addition to enhancing culture as well-being for the community, is a vehicle for social and economic development, a place of freedom and democracy, space and time for inclusion and individual and community growth, and which intends to carry out long-lasting activities and so that the territory itself, citizens together with tourists, make the whole cultural system more alive.

What is the Italian Capital of Culture

As reported by the Mibact website, the initiative to select the “Italian Capital of Culture” every year aims to support, encourage and enhance the autonomous planning and implementation capacity of Italian cities in the field of culture so that the value of the cultural lever for social cohesion, conflict-free integration, identity preservation, creativity, innovation, growth and finally economic development and individual and collective well-being.

What are the other cities that have been elected in the past?

It is really worth remembering:

  • 2016 Mantua
  • 2017 Pistoia
  • 2018 Palermo
  • 2019 Matera

What to do in Parma in 2020

The inauguration

The inauguration of this great event will be held on Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th and Monday 13th January 2020 in Parma: it will be a three-day event including exhibitions, meetings, concerts, and much more, see the calendar of initiatives.

Saturday 11 January

Parma Cultura 2020
Parma Culture 2020

At 11 am under the Portici del Grano in Piazza Garibaldi, the beating heart of the city, there will be the inauguration of the exhibition “We, the food, our planet“.

After the opening of the exhibition, the Parma nation gathered in the historic center will welcome all the cities of Italy in a large parade dedicated to the “words of culture”. The procession will start from the Ducal Park and will travel along Via D’Azeglio to Piazza Garibaldi, where the Mayor will greet the participants. At the end a series of videomapping and concerts between words, poetry and music for the city.

Inaugural Parade – People of Parma

The appointment is at 4 pm at the Ducal Park, to leave all together at 4.30 pm for Via D’Azeglio and finally Piazza Garibaldi. Read how to participate

Sunday 12 January

Parma culture 2020
Parma Culture 2020

The institutional opening ceremony will take place at the Teatro Regio, in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, and will continue with the cutting of the Time Machine exhibition ribbon.

Monday 13 January

On Patron Day, Parma will transform museums and places of art into the stage of unusual narratives between history and poetry, thanks to a journey through the golden city alternating with book presentations and concerts, which will welcome visitors throughout the day.

At 11.00 am, the traditional Sant’Ilario ceremony will take place at the Teatro Regio.

The afternoon will open with the exhibition “Parma is the Gazzetta“, and will close with the Holy Mass in the Duomo, followed by concerts and videomapping.

Every major detail can be found on the Parma Cultura 2020 website where you will also find the most specific program.

This is just the beginning, and then …

It is a large and articulated program of events, including special events, those that shape the project, over 150 initiatives developed by the Municipalities, Dioceses, businesses and associations of the territory, still the program of the University of Parma with over 250 events dedicated to the dissemination of the knowledge and knowledge sharing, and Emilia 2020 the coordinated program with Piacenza and Reggio Emilia aimed at making known the cultural opportunities of these realities, enhancing their visibility.

Here is the calendar of events, to scroll and choose.

While on the Destination Turistica Emilia website an even more detailed list regarding the three Provinces



Reggio Emilia

Our personally opinion

I remember where we were when the announcement of the victory of Parma as the Italian Capital of Culture 2020 was announced: right in Parma, at the Fair. I remember the emotion that has circulated in the environment of those who work in tourism and not only and the following awareness that for the city but for all of Emilia it is a great springboard, a great opportunity to enhance the area, with an eye obviously with regard to culture, but also to food and wine and Emilian beauties.

Parma is also a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy, the epicenter of the Italian Food Valley. Another important recognition for the city, one of the destinations with the largest number of typical products protected by quality brands in Italy.

In short, there are no excuses for not taking a trip to the Petite Capital, to let yourself be carried away by the cultural and gastronomic beauties. As we always say, the beauty and the goodness of a trip by camper … in Parma and Emilia.

We will tell you more about it, expect more updates and for any useful information, we are available!



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