Our card: how to get it and how to renew it

Autumn reminds us that it is now time for a change of seasons, wardrobes and our cards! In fact, let’s start talking about our card: how to get it and how to renew it, for our members.

We remind you that it is valid from 1st January and will expire on 31st December 202o.

Who doesn’t have an In Camper con Gusto card and wants to know more?

Our goal is to make known the beauty and goodness of our territory, not only in Emilia, through the search for beautiful production companies that welcome our members for free, thus offering the opportunity to experience the surrounding area from every point of view.

We are talking about a card that has agreements within the territory, not only in Italy, to give you the opportunity to take advantage of services and discounts and therefore also advantages that are not only economic.

For you who follow us from abroad, we confirm all the agreements at numerous facilities, and personal insurance that our Camping Card International offers abroad, both for holders and for the whole family.

We remind you that the Camping Card International in all respects is an identity document, widely recognized abroad. In fact, you can directly present your C.C.I. to foreign accommodation facilities. valid, instead of your Italian identification documents, and be registered with it.

In every country you will find structures that welcome you with discounts and benefits, thanks to the Camping Card International.

In addition, there are the many conventions that the A.C.T Italia Federation of which we are part of. Starting from agreements with ferry companies, to the numerous Italian and foreign campsites, to theme and amusement parks; finally, but perhaps the most important, are the agreements stipulated for the “Camperista” insurance policies which offer truly advantageous discounts.

And last but not least, we have a newsletter dedicated to our members, in short, as we like to call it, a “preferential channel”. Because you, who will make the card with us, are not just a number, but a person with whom to talk and exchange opinions.

We want to be positive and confident that the incoming news can be even more improved: we are working together with beautiful collaborations to ensure that you can have even more services and possibilities in one card.

How to get an In Camper con Gusto card

Let’s now move on to the technical information for renewing the card or if you want to do it for the first time:

  • The price of the card is always the same
  • Request the new card using the REGISTRATION APPLICATION
  • Read more complete information on the REGISTRATION AND CONVENTIONS page
  • Upon renewal or the first registration, useful surprises and personalized gifts that we have designed for you are also waiting for you

All this can be found on our Registration page of our site.

For any other information do not hesitate to contact us by email on incampercongusto@gmail.com

We are waiting for you!


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