Area sosta Val Nure

Opening of the camper rest area at Ponte dell’Olio

Saturday 10 November sees the opening of the new camper rest-area at Ponte dell’Olio in the province of Piacenza, by Mayor Sergio Copelli and other council members.

The camper rest-area at Ponte dell’Olio is new, a project driven by the council in their desire to improve the tourism appeal of the area, and increase the ways in which people can discover the beauty of the Nure Valley. This connects perfectly with the Ducal Parks of Parma and Piacenza, and therefore offers many different excursions and tourist visits along the Nure river, allowing you to reach Bettola and finally Santo Stefano d’Aveto in the direction of Chiavari.

The rest-area is very close to the historic centre of Ponte dell’Olio, easily reached on foot. The council leisure facility and the fishermen’s association are both nearby, and the latter runs the rest-area. It offers water discharge facilities, electricity supply points and water refills.

It is open all day from 9am-9pm, plesae direct your enquiries to the fishermen’s association next to the rest-area. It costs 15 € a day, but our members can get a 10% discount.

Visit the Link of the rest-area for more information.


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