Museo Coppini

MuseoAgorà Orsi Coppini

The MuseoAgorà Orsi Coppini, also known as the Museum of the Art of Olives at San Secondo in the province of Parma was created by the Coppini family, who have a long history in this area. And this explains why they opened a cultural centre about olives and olive oil, to promote this excellence, and a world that can be considered art, the Art of Olives.

The MuseoAgorà Orsi Coppini, that includes the Museo dell’Arte Olearia and the Agorà between the olive plants, was created by the Coppini family in order to:

  • spread the culture of the olive: Italy is based on oil, and the symbol ofthe Republic is an olive branch.

  • Create a journey of emotions, in which extra-virgin oil becomes the star of pictures, artisanal objects, of an entire culture that you can literally taste.

  • Take olives back to Parma after 800 years;

  • explain to visitors to the Museum how olive oil is extracted, a skill that today is certified, not just for the taste it offers, but also as a central part of the Mediterranean diet, now recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage.

  • Reduce the distance between producers and consumers, between the fields and our tables, taking visitors on a magical tour that allows you to capture the essence of this cold extract ofd the olive in a green bottle.

  • Create a space where we can share a love for beauty, art and culture, a laboratory of meetings of ideas and opinions, so that the word of the Extravirgin Olives t.o.p. (produce of traceable origin) can be spread ever wider. Un This journey also includes tasting sessions.


Il Museo Agora Coppini

the Museum of Olive Art is divided in three parts:

  • Spazio Anita: describes the history of oil and the oldest mechanical processes of production. You can touch a ““strettojo” used in oil production and a wooden press from 1600.

  • Spazio Americo: dedicatged to hydraulic production, this wing of the Museum, hosts a grinder from the 1950s, an iron press, a four-column hydraulic press, a hydraulic pump and two mechanical separators.

  • Reading space: a green space where you admire a stone press.

Meeting Room

the Museum also offers a meeting room with space for 100 people, which can be used for tasting sessions: an intimate space perfect also for conventions and meetings.

The Agorà between the olive plants

This is an open stone theatre inside a natural park that sees the production of different types of Italian olives, unique of its type, equipped with the most modern technologies and services, with space for concerts, shows and events. It serves as the entrance to the Museum, and when the weather is nice, it is truly welcoming.

How to reach the Museum

You can reach the Museum easily from the carpark at San Secondo on foot. Free guided tours are available on Saturdays from 3-6pm, and Sundays from 10.00-1pm, and 3-6pm. Booking necessary for Mondays-Fridays: please call 0521 877627 between 10am and 6pm. Disabled users can access the facility without problems.

For more information, e-mail: or visit the official Website


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