Montebaducco agricultural producer

The Montebaducco agricultural producer, located in Via Boiardo at Salvarano in Quattro Castella is the result of an idea by Giuseppe and Davide Borghi, in a splendid and peaceful area of the Reggiana hills deep in the Matildic countryside. It takes its name from the hill that overlooks the area, Montebaducco. Dedicated to the donkey – a special animal that is too often forgotten – the facility hosts 800 heads from 13 different breeds, and is the largest of its kind in Europe. But we also have mules, pheasants, chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits and many more.

Camper services

you can use the camper rest-area, but booking is essential in advance, please call Davide Borghi on 335/6448143. There are no electicity or discharge facilities however.

What you can do

The Montebaducco farm offers educational tours of the local habitat, including the chance to see the local countryside museum and see how donkye milk is produced. The farm can also freeze-dry this milk. You can visit the farm on Saturdays from 3pm, or Sunday from 11am until dusk. Guided tours are available, the prices to be agreed depending on the number of participants. Overnight stays are available to those who have booked dinner in the farm agriturismo restaurant, which should be booked in advance, and only Italian is spoken during the visits. For more information and bookings, please visit the farm’s Website.

Producers’ information sheet: Azienda Agricola Montebaducco


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