Marzabotto in camper

Marzabotto by camper: traveling between history and nature

If you are looking for a spring and summer idea to spend a weekend that has at least one of these three options:

  • history
  • nature
  • calm

then the ideal destination is Marzabotto by camper. We tell you about our experience and why we recommend this trip. Ready?

Marzabotto by camper: traveling between history and nature

Marzabotto where it is

Let’s start by obviously saying where we are: in a small town of less than 10,000 inhabitants within the metropolitan city of Bologna but about half an hour from the latter. Hilly area therefore definitely out of traffic, confusion and chaos, in wide open spaces.

Marzabotto: the massacre, the massacre of Monte Sole

When we mention Marzabotto, in whatever context we are, we cannot fail to mention the massacre that took place between 29 September and 5 October 1944, in the better specified area as Monte Sole which also includes the neighboring municipalities, Grizzana Moranti, Monzuno, and others minor hamlets such as Casaglia, Pànico, di Vado, di Quercia, Pioppe di Salvaro, Caprara and others.

This is not the right place and it is not our intention to make it a political chapter or raise discussions on it, but history, in our opinion, cannot and must not be forgotten: between 29 September and 5 October 1944, after six days of violence of all kinds and human baseness, perpetrated against civilians, the number of victims was appalling: about 770 dead. Especially women, children, priests, large families were completely exterminated.

The extensive area of the massacre was transformed into a regional historical park (Parco di Monte Sole) both for the environmental interest and to maintain the historical memory of the Resistance and the Nazi-fascist massacres.

Monuments and places of interest to visit in Marzabotto by camper

Marzabotto in camper
Sacrario Martiri di Marzabotto

There are definitely two places to visit:

  • Martyrs Memorial of Marzabotto: it is the place where the remains of 778 civilian victims and partisans who died in the various locations of the Municipality of Marzabotto have been collected so far. It is located in the center of the town located on the Porrettana state road and is located in the lower floor (crypt) of the building of the parish church of the capital. A place of great emotion and reflection, for the number of victims but more for their age. Many young people and children. These are the references for the visit. Convenient free parking behind the Memorial.

We personally visited you with the utmost respect and for this reason we did not take pictures. It really wasn’t necessary. Know that. A volunteer accompanied us, a relative of a victim of the massacre. We entered with a state of mind and we left with a greater awareness. I can’t tell you the emotions, I can’t find the right words … I can’t tell you well, but know that many names were women and children. Even very small. I do not add anything else.

  • National Etruscan Museum “Pompeo Aria”: we go even further back in history and here are preserved the finds found in the annexed archaeological area of Kainua, one of the largest and best preserved colonial Etruscan cities (from the name of the place of discovery), which stood on the Pian di Misano and on the overhanging hill of Misanello near the current municipality of Marzabotto.

Relax, trekking and biking in the Monte Sole Park

Marzabotto in camper
Parco del Monte Sole

We are in a protected area between the Reno and Setta valleys and thanks to the convenient parking (which I will tell you shortly) you can enjoy an environment away from the confusion and the city and if you are a lover of photography, history, walks walking but also cycling this is a park that offers every possible opportunity.

Thematic itineraries marked unequivocally, may present moderate seasonal difficulties such as muddy or slippery stretches if wet, although we recommend the spring and summer period to better appreciate the territory and nature.

Let’s take a virtual tour of what you can do:

Bicycle-Mountain bike

Thanks to the Cycle Paths of the Parks and the Path of Memory, you can grind kilometers through nature and the itineraries marked on the maps. More or less easy, you have to check the one that best suits your training, but the panorama and the magnificence of the territory are guaranteed.

On foot

Naturalistic, wildlife, educational and many other itineraries are all highlighted with the related signs and based on what you want to do, there is a wide choice.

Is it a place suitable for children and who has furry pets in tow?

Absolutely yes! Open spaces and obviously every activity is designed for everyone.

Here you will find all references to the Park and its activities

Where to stop in the Monte Sole Park

The most suitable place is the Il Poggiolo Visitor Center, open only in the spring / summer period, in via San Martino 25 in Marzabotto.

The car park is large and free of dirt roads, without lighting and other services, also suitable for overnight stays in absolute silence. Present the bins for separate waste collection.

In the summer it is completely in the sun. Perhaps some stretch, well parked, allows some trees placed at the beginning of the parking lot to cast shade (This must also be said …)

*** To get here you need to take a road measure: when you are on via Porrettana, in Pian di Venola and turn left towards the Park, you absolutely must take via Togliatti and continue on Via Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa to avoid the railway underpass and NOT via Sperticano. The height of the underpass is 2.50 m.

This is the starting point for educational excursions inside the Park, your walks and bike rides.

Do we have any idea of ​​Taste for our trip to Marzabotto by camper?

The question is legitimate and the answer is obvious: of course yes.

Where do you eat around here?

  • Let’s start from the fact that at the Refuge you can have lunch and dinner (but it is open only in spring and summer, we remember it). Reservation is required, you can choose whether to stay outside or inside: we eat typical, polenta, meat, fresh pasta dressed with ragu ‘and a great welcome is also served. For any information we recommend the Fb page
  • In Marzabotto, on the other hand, we leave you the advice of the town’s Proloco: check if they are still open. P.S. What’s Proloco? It is the association of volunteers of town citizens who organize many activities and promote their town, and in this case they give us the list of places to eat.
Marzabotto in camper
Crescentine fritte

A strong point of excellence in these parts is the traditional cuisine of the area, therefore:

  • Fried Crescentine (yes, what in Parma they call fried cake and in Reggio it is fried dumplings)
  • Homemade Bolognese fresh pasta: tortelloni with ragout, tortellini in broth, tagliatelle …
  • Borlenghi (if we are not careful here an infinite discussion opens up, with the words we use, so …) a kind of crêpe, very thin, crunchy, which is served very hot and folded into four parts, stuffed in the classic way with the “cunza “Or beaten lard, garlic and rosemary, plus a sprinkling of Parmesan, but you can put whatever you want. It is made from an extremely simple slurry, called “glue”, based on water (or milk), flour, salt and sometimes even eggs. It depends on the tradition and the rezdora as it is used to. However, it is something to eat on the verge of lust, you can eat it as long as you say enough… light and appetizing, they are definitely something to taste in the area!
  • Meat, then rabbit with vegetables, stewed chicken and wild boar in season. (in short, all light things, go …)

Our staff why take a trip to Marzabotto by camper

Obviously, it depends a lot on the type of trip a family wants to do… but this is certainly a weekend complete with all kinds of activities: from walking to history, from cycling to teaching, from good food to relaxation. Even those with children and who want to let them free and run around in the park, the area is suitable because it is out of traffic. In short, it was a very interesting and pleasant journey for us. The visit to the Shrine is certainly exciting, where there are always volunteers who with so much tact and humanity, and very moved, accompany you and tell you … They are often family members of those who experienced that frightening event, and then it is impossible to get out of it without being struck by it.

We then continued on to another destination … but this is another journey.

In the meantime, do this, and if you want to share your experience with us, you know we are happy to read you.

Good km!




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