fondazione magnani rocca

Magnani Rocca Foundation

The Magnani Rocca Foundation aims to promote culture and art, as ways to advance our civil society. Created in 1977 by Luigi Magnani (1906-1984), it was supported with passion by the-then Cassa di Risparmio di Parma bank (now Cariparma-Crédit Agricole).

The aim was to honour the memory of his father Giuseppe and mother Donna Eugenia Rocca, to foster and develop cultural activities in the fields of art, music and literature.

Also known as the “house of the masterpieces”, it is located in a splendid centuries-old park filled with animals, which makes the Foundation an extremely pleasant place to visit, aside from the notable cultural interest that it has for visitors.

Members of our association receive a discount on the entrance price, paying €8.00 instead of €10.00. For any further information on the Museum and opening hours, please visit its official website

Address: Via Fondazione Magnani Rocca 4, Mamiano di Traversetolo (PR)

Phone (0039): 0521 848327


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