Agricamping Lo Zafferano

Lo Zafferano Agri-camping

Address: Regione Rollo 16/B – Albenga 17031 (SV)

Description and services:

The Lo Zafferano agricamping has a long history, starting out as a producer with just one hectare of land. The production of fruits and vegetables, and the love for the earth it is based on make this a perfect destination for anyone holidaying in Albenga.

Up to 14 campers can park in the rest-area, whch is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. You can also visit the farm to enjoy an unforgettable tasting session. The private beach opposite the the island of Gallinara is equipped and easily reached via the convenient shuttle service. You can also:

  • book bikes for excursions and bike rides in the surrounding area.

  • Enjoy horse-riding suitable for young and old.


Overnight stays are free if you buy more than 30 euro of oil or the other local producs on sale, otherwise our members get a 10% discount on the overnight price.


Daniele (0039) 345 8891097 or Gabriella (0039) 340 3734270, Email or visit their Website

Producers; information sheet: Agricamping Zafferano


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