Lavender in Emilia and in the rest of Italy, where to go to see it in bloom

To lavender does it not remind you of the perfumed drawers of the grandmothers? To us so much and even though we know that Provence is renowned for its flowery fields, we take youin Emilia to admire it and suggest places to stop. But not only in Emilia in truth

Lavender in Emilia, where to go to see it in bloom.

Where to go to see lavender

La lavanda in Emilia

In this period, between mid-June and mid-July, the lavender blooms in its beauty and in Emilia there are several laundries where you can admire their variety and peculiarities, here are some names:

  • in the Piacenza area, in Vernasca you will find the Witch Lavender: Giulia and Simona welcome you a few steps from the square and tell you about their lavender, strongly desired and with many sacrifices, planted and cared for over time. They take us to the field located on the coast that separates the upper Val Stirone, in the Parma area, from the Vall’Ongina in the Piacenza area. (It may be that the Piacenza valleys are splendid, but here it is truly wonderful). They tell us about the evolution of the field and how they strongly wanted lavender and not sink. They tell us magical stories and the peculiarities of their uses. All in all, a good experience. And in this summer 2023, an event with a concert of crystal bells will be organized on June 30, while a doggy picnic will be organized on July 1 where you can participate with your dog. info Who
  • In the Parma area you will find various companies where you can see lavender crops, including one a few kilometers from the city centre. He was born the Lilac garden, a place where you can find a fragrant, intoxicating, unusual break, full of surprises but where you can rediscover tradition, as simple as a row of lavender. In the farmhouse attached to the fields they are often organized events.
  • Also in the Parma area in the Apennines at the Gherardi Oasis in Borgo Val di Taro, the lavender fields await you together with the colors of the insects which, attracted by the intense perfume, offer images to photograph.

And in other sites

  • in the Reggio area, precisely in Viano di Scandiano, on the first hills, you will find the Valtresinaro farm: from the top of the farm you can see the lavender field and this year there are also sunflowers. A nice mix of colors! It is one of the most beautiful areas of the Reggio area and you will also find the possibility, on foot, to take walks in the vicinity as well as to participate in the events that they organize right in the laundry. Getting here by camper is difficult, but by parking on the state road you can reach the company by bike or on foot. It is 800 meters from the provincial road.
  • still in the Reggio area, in the hills of Montericco a few kilometers from Albinea il Ancient farmhouse laundry welcomes you with views that reach beyond the city of Reggio Emilia, and with a lavender scent that you will find in the products they market. Here too you will have the opportunity to participate in the numerous evening events organized in the laundry area and you can park your vehicle or tent.

Lavender of Ca' Mello

Lavandeto di Ca’ Mello of the Lavanda Polesana company

And in the rest of Emilia-Romagna?

Here are some other laundromats visited:

  • Still in the region, we recommend the company’s Lavandeto Polesan lavender, nestled between the bends of the Po and the sea a few kilometers from the hamlet of Ca’ Mello on the Isola della Donzella. Park the camper along the straight road that takes you to the sea and with a short walk you will be immersed in the two hectares of the scent of their lavender. If you prefer, you can leave your camper at the parking lot of the Oasi Ca’ Mello center and take your bike along the easy route to the laundry. It is an opportunity while you are traveling to discover the Po Delta Park.
  • We remain in Emilia Romagna and in Casola Valsenio (BO) in the Strada della Lavanda there is the Garden of Herbs which houses 480 species of medicinal plants. Always open on weekends in June, it offers themed guided tours and picnics, as well as tour bikes for families. You can find any info Who .

Where to see Lavender in the rest of Italy

In almost all regions you will be able to find a small or large laundry area to visit. Here we offer you some

  • In Piedmont the flowering of lavender is in the province ofCuneo to Sale San Giovanni. In this small village famous for its medicinal plants, the lavender period is characterized by various events that attract many tourists. Therefore access to the itinerary that leads to the lavender fields is controlled and a payment of €2.00 per person is required. You can find all the info Who. Our advice is to stop at Camping Horse, an agricultural campsite about 6 km away. which provides a shuttle service to those who stop up to Sale San Giovanni.
  • On the border between Piedmont and Lombardy, a few kilometers from Godiasco (PV), is the Cabanon farm. This family-run farm cultivates and vinifies grapes in absolute respect of the most ancient rural, organic tradition. And among the vines the view extends over the lavender fields, from which they extract precious essential oils and essences. Our advice is to call the company before going.
  •  We move to Tuscany and take you to visit the Lavandeto di Santa Luce in the province of Pisa. At the foot of the Pisan hills and a short distance fromSanta Luce nature reserve, you can find a corner of Provence. ANDfor the stop we recommend, tasted by hand, the farmhouse Il Molinaccio-Podere Cortesi which is about 7 km from the lavender fields. Here you can also taste the fantastic cuisine, shop for their products, and if you have our card, get a discount on parking.

And if in Umbria in Assisi the Lavandeto di Assisi is very famous, a nursery where over 60 varieties of lavender are grown and events are organized from June to mid-July, inLazio is Tuscania, the city of lavender. And every yearduring the flowering period, the local Proloco organizes guided tours on payment for the beauties of the village and in the two Tuscan farms.

What to do with lavender and how to use it

From lavender we get theessential oil, i cosmetics product and with loose lavender shelled they are packagedlittle bags sewn scented, to put in our drawers.

Lavender possesses numerous healing properties such asanalgesics, antiseptics It isantibiotics,to name a few.

Lavender essential oil is also able to relieve imuscle aches, there is adiuretic action It ishealing properties: a few drops are enough to obtain relief in case of cuts, wounds, insect bites and jellyfish rashes. Or fight the cough and flu and the mundane headache.

The most classic of uses, however, we all know, are the scented bags in the closets or drawers to be refreshed every now and then with essential oil.

In short, a great classic, always current.

Lavender or sink?

Very often real lavender is mistaken for the more commercialized lavander, but there is a lot of difference: in the colour, for example, the bright purple of the lavender compared to the lilac of the lavander and the shape of the flower. Finally, the essential oil produced by the sink has a higher yield than that of lavender. In short, two different products but it is good to know the differences.

Our conclusions

We went to visit all the companieslavender in Emilia name and we must say that each one has enchanted us: it is always pleasant to be welcomed by the stories of the people who work there with passion and to be told anecdotes but also stories of great sacrifices. All united by the love for lavender and the products that are made from it. If there weren’t this love, there wouldn’t be this precious product.



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