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7 lakes in a camper for an itinerary in the Dolomites

There are at least 7 lakes in camper for an itinerary in the Dolomites that we recommend to do, also aimed at those who perhaps approach the plein eir life for the first time.

In all the lakes that we list you can arrive by camper, except for one, which must be conquered on foot but we are sure it will repay you for all the effort.

Are you ready to leave with us in the 7 lakes? Turn the key and start your camper.


Alleghe 7 laghi itinerario nelle Dolomiti in camper

Not even 1000 m. asl dominated by Monte Civetta, the town of Alleghe has the main attraction of the area in the splendid lake.

A two-hour loop route allows you to enjoy the view, while in a village inhabited by just over 1000 people, the cable car takes you to the north face of Civetta.

Routes for all tastes and abilities to be done on foot or by mountain bike, lead to shelters where you can enjoy splendid views and taste the excellent local mountain cuisine. Dishes such as Soup from Orz or Strangolapreti alla trentina, together with main courses based on polenta and game, are almost always available on all menus, to be paired with Trentino reds or excellent craft beers.

The surroundings of Alleghe are also scattered with many other alpine lakes and rii with waterfalls such as the Cascata Ru del Rialt, which can be reached with an easy hike.

Where to park in the camper

You can stop at the Alleghe car park in Corso Italia in the direction of Caprile. For a fee.

Or at the Beyfin service station located between Alleghe and Caprile where it is possible to park 5 campers. Only drain for chemical toilet.

Camping Alleghe Resort in Masarè



In our opinion, there are two most famous photos: the first which shows the former Savoy residence now a nursing home for asthmatic diseases with Mount Sorapis behind it; the second which faces the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

At 1754 meters above sea level it is the largest of the Dolomite lakes. If in winter ice and the thickness of the snow make it suitable for polo matches on horseback of the Italia Polo Challenge that have been held here for several years, in summer it is wonderful to just relax in tranquility along its banks or take the easy walk. loop around it.

Numerous hiking trails start from the lake both towards the Cadini and towards the Tre Cime. Or by taking the chairlift you can go up to Col de Varda and from there continue on foot to the Città di Capri refuge.

It is also possible to get in a camper on the Tre Cime road, which leads to the parking lot near the Auronzo Refuge, with the paid route; the cost per camper is € 45.00. From there you can make the round trip. Another excursion on foot or by jeep is the one that leads from the Misurina car park to Monte Piana where the open museum of the First World War is located.

Where to stop

You can park in the rest area in the upper part of the lake in the paid parking lot without connections but with the possibility of loading and unloading.

Or at the Camping alla Baita a very simple campsite that offers light columns and sanitary services.

Both are located on the road where the route to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo starts.

We continue to tell you about our personal experience of an itinerary in the Dolomites where you can go by camper and talk to you about the third lake.


Coming down from Misurina and taking the road that goes towards Val Pusteria, the SS 51 of Allemagna, you pass the small Lake of Landro on the right and a few kilometers from Dobbiaco you can see the landslide lake covered by woods and fed by the Rienza.

Easy and pleasant is the walk around the lake where in winter the cross-country ski track passes, of the famous Dobbiaco Cortina and Cortina Dobbiaco race which winds along the old railway.

This old track, which can also be traveled by MTB in the summer season, is very beautiful in the direction that goes towards Cortina, because it crosses the entire Rienza valley with hand-dug tunnels and some bridges over the ravines.

Where to stop

It is possible to stop at the lake at Camping Toblacher See which is very relaxing because it is right on the edge of the lake and in the woods, while in Dobbiaco it is possible to stop only for a few hours in the parking lot of the cross-country stadium and from there take a nice walk of a few km to to the lake, or head to the town center.



The lake is located at 1642 meters in Valle Aurina, near the Biathlon stadium which in winter becomes, thanks to the thickness of the ice, an integral part of the cross-country track.

It is considered among the most beautiful in Val Pusteria; in summer, the route around the lake highlights the beauty of the landscape and the peaks of the Vedrette di Ries that dominate the valley. Very easy to travel, it is also suitable for strollers and people in wheelchairs with disabilities. At the end of the lake at the bottom of the valley, we suggest you stop for a snack or lunch at Platz am See or continue to the Genziana Refuge, where you can taste excellent dishes of salami and cheese or Tyrolean dishes.

A particularity: Angela often comes here because she practices cross-country skiing and one of the memories she has of this area is that here in winter, especially at the end of January, the temperatures reach temperatures well below zero. So if you are thinking of an itinerary in the winter Dolomites in these parts, it is good to equip yourself with both clothing and equipment for the camper in order.

Where to stop

It is possible to stop for a few hours in the side squares of the road or in the parking lot of the biathlon stadium.

But the closest stop is the Old Hunter campsite in Rasun Anterselva


Auronzo di Cadore
Auronzo di Cadore

Also from Misurina you can descend towards Lake Auronzo on the Regional Road 48 of the Dolomites, crossing the valley that Angela friendlyly calls the mountain huts.

In fact, these small buildings are scattered almost everywhere and make the panorama characteristic. Some are very old and have been renovated. Others have become second holiday homes or summer rental homes.

The village of Auronzo, which Angela defines as the long town, overlooks the lake of artificial origin characterized by shimmering emerald green waters, where the Dolomite peaks love to be reflected.

Auronzo is a very famous tourist resort where in winter you can ski on Monte Agudo and in summer you can relax on the banks for a tan or enjoy a pleasant bath. Activities such as the Fun bob, the longest in the world or the Tre Cime Adventure Park and the flat cycle path, make it an ideal destination for the family. It is to all intents and purposes a classic destination for a motorhome itinerary in the Dolomites to go to both in winter and in summer.

It is also pleasant to just stroll through the town of Auronzo, stopping to shop for souvenirs and typical products with which to fill the galley of the camper.

Where to stop

In Auronzo there is a paid parking lot, in Via Reane in the northern area of ​​the lake, where there is also a drainage pit.

Europa Campsite in Via Reane equipped with 90 pitches for campers and caravans.



Lake Sorapis is a jewel of rare beauty set 1923 meters above sea level in a suggestive natural setting.

As anticipated at the beginning of our article, it is not possible to reach this lake by camper and the best solution is to stop at the Tre Croci pass halfway between Cortina and Misurina. From here continue on foot along the path 215 following the signs for the Vandelli refuge. Be prepared because there are areas of small via ferratas where the path is mostly exposed, once you reach the top. Panoramic view of the valley below and extends up to the Misurina Lake and the Three Peaks. Take a day because it is an excursion that lasts 4 comfortable hours, but it is worth it all as they say.


Last on our list of an itinerary in the Dolomites, but only because our tour ends in Val Pusteria, is the splendid Lake Braies.

Located in the valley of the same name, on the side of the Val Pusteria, the lake originating from a landslide barrier, is located at almost 1500m. slm .; it became famous for the television series “A step from the sky” which over time has brought thousands of tourists to this small valley every year, creating some traffic problems and overcrowding.

Precisely to protect the nature of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park and for traffic problems, in the summer the road from Ferrara to Lake Braies is closed to traffic from 10.00 to 15.00. There is a bus service and the Monguelfo – Lago di Braies shuttle service, alternatively path no. 1 leads from Ferrara in a 1.5-hour walk to Lake Braies.

The glimpse of the lake on the Dolomite peaks is hypnotic and the spirit is recharged with so much beauty. If in winter it is possible to walk on the lake thanks to the blanket of ice, in summer to enjoy the landscape, we suggest renting wooden boats.

With strength of arms you get to see the panorama on the southern shore, of the Croda del Becco which with its 2810m is reflected in the lake .. A dense network of paths unravels from this valley for wonderful trekking or MTB and climbing excursions; the Alta via dei Parchi 1 path starts from Lake Braies.

Where to stop

You can park in the P3 car park near the lake for a fee and with the nearby toilets. Cost € 20 per 24h not divisible. We recommend you go up after 15:00 in order to be able to stay quietly for the night.

The closest campsite is Camping Olimpia in Monguelfo from which you can take the bus that goes directly to the lake.

Our personal conclusions

The intense green of the pines, the shades of cobalt for the expanses of the meadows, where the cattle graze free and the emerald of clear waters, are the details that most strike when thinking about an itinerary in the Dolomites where to go by camper.

If we add intense blue skies, scattered here and there by clouds that resemble whipped cream in shape and color, and peaks that seem to want to reach them to play with their shapes, then we have created a subject for a perfect mountain painting.

And it is precisely in this image of wonderful nature that we accompany you today.

In fact, an itinerary in the Dolomites, where to go in a self-respecting camper must have peaks, woods, lakes and villages where you can stop and taste traditional cuisine.

The list of lakes shown in this article is not intended to be a ranking; was born on the basis of our subjective taste and personal experiences made in these places. We know there are many others.

We also specify that all the information provided is updated to the pre-Covid 19 situation. For parking, parking areas and campsites it is advisable to contact the individual structures or municipalities.


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