La Valle dei Cavalieri Ristorante

La Valle dei Cavalieri Community Co-operative

It is truly a pleasure to draw your attention to a community cooperative that has recently decided to become part of the “In Camper Con Gusto” world, La Valle dei Cavalieri. It dates back to 1991 and according to their website:

our story starts in 1991, when the only bar in town closed. Not long before, the last shop had also closed down, and so you know, a town without a coffee bar or a shop is destined to die, since there is nowhere left for people to socialise. So everyone at the local community group decided to pull our sleeves up, and create the Valle dei Cavalieri community co-operative, a reference to the geographic area Succiso is located in

So we are in Succiso in the Reggio part of the Tuscan-Emilia Appennines, 1000m above sea-level .

La Valle dei Cavalieri and what they do

The focus of the co-operative is on Agrituorism, offering a restaurant, a tourist information point, and visitors’ centre for the Tuscan-Emilia Appennines National Park. Next, the Agricultural company was founded to breed sheep and pigs and to produce quality DOP Pecorino Reggiano and cold cuts. The restaurant menu uses all local produce (zero km, in Italian) or our own produce, while they make their own bread and pasta.

The rooms in the Agrituorism offer all the usual comforts. There is also a bar and small market selling the co-operative’s products or basic everyday items.

Allevamento la Valle dei Cavalieri

Then we have the 22-hectare of pasture farm and 100 hectares of pasture land higher up in the mountains, home to a herd of Sardinian milk sheep, a small herd of pigs and a dozen horse boxes. The dairy is fully-equipped to produce Pecorino cheese, plus a laboratory to produce cold cuts and a seasoning cellar.

Magazzino stagionatura La Valle dei Cavalieri

The most recent developments:

  • A wellness centre open both to guests and to travellers who want to relax or simply rest after a nice mountain walk.

  • Rooms in venues near the restaurant based on the agritourism concept

  • a camper rest-area

Fontana Piazza Succiso

Today, in fact, camper can park in an lit area near the Co-operative comples, where you can refill your water supplies. The co-operative is also working to create an electricity supply point for the camper spaces.

The Valle dei Cavalieri and the surrounding area

The Co-operative has received many awards for its work, its charitable efforts, its respect for the environment and the local area, its love for the mountains and its welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.

In 2018 It won second prize for “excellence and innovation in Tourism” by the World Tourism Organisation…. this excellent result was achieved at the 14th “Unwto awards forum” in Madrid….” (from the co-operative website). We are delighted to offer the chance to visit and see this area, and you enjoy the important role that the co-operative plays in our zone, Succiso…..

we are talking about the Toscan-Emilia Appennines National Park, a zone that offers many opportunities for trekking, Nordik Walking, MTB and horse-back excursions. This Valley of the Knights, as it is now, is an area peppered with ancient fortified medieval towns, located in the high Enza Valley and Cedra Valley between the modern provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia: historically it was part of the lands of Matilda of Canossa.

Succiso is in the middle of the valley, at the base of the Alps of Succiso. It is the departure point for many visitors and excursionists heading towards the most fascinating mountain of the whole Park, the Alps of Succiso. It features 2000metres of foods, glacials and rocks that represents the true nature of the Appennines. It is therefore obvious that this is the perfect area to park your camper and leave on fot or MTB to discover the mountain paths and woods. Afterwards, you can enjoy the relaxation zone, and a sumptuous dinner, with all the hospitality that is the hallmark of this Community Co-operative.


  • There are currently four camper spaces in a well-lit zone

  • there are no electricity supply point as yet

  • there are no discharge facilities

  • you can refill your water

  • you can enjoy lunch or dinner at the Agriturismo

  • you can enjoy the wellness centre by booking

  • you can visit the Toscan-Emilia Appennines National Park information point

  • you can follow the excursion paths

  • you can taste or buy typical regional products



Telephone (0039) 0522/892346


Official Website

Producers’ information sheet


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