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Kamarina Pit Stop a 5-star camper stop over in Sicily

In my one-month winter trip I stopped in several campsites and camper stop over in Sicily which also allow landing “out of season”. Then in Sicily the winter so out of season is not seen the large presence of foreigners and Italians in January.

And among the various stops that I will tell you about shortly, we stopped for a few days in Scoglitti, in the Ragusa area at the Kamarina Pit Stop.

Evidence in hand, I can say with certainty that indeed the Kamarina Pit Stop is much more than a simple camper stop over in Sicily. It’s 5-star hospitality.

In an agricultural area where nothing existed, a family with passion and years of work (even today they are preparing improvements for camper stop over) has created an oasis. Opened not many years ago, they  welcome travelers and tourists throughout the year.

Kamarina Pit Stop campsite over in Sicily

The strengths of this rest area

  • First of all the location

While not on a beach, but 1 km. from the sea and 800 meters  from the center of Scoglitti, this 20,000 m2 rest area is immersed in a green area planted with wild pepper and acacias. It offers 43 pitches for campers, caravans and tents, bordered by hedges, where shade and relaxation are guaranteed almost everywhere. And when you’re in the summer, having shade where you can relax is really nice.

  • The Reception

When you pass the gate of the Kamarina Pit Stop you enter the house of the classic Sicilian welcoming spirit. You don’t just arrive as an ordinary tourist, but you are considered a valued guest who is given the same welcome as a family member. I encountered great courtesy and a unique availability that tries to satisfy the various needs of the guests in an excellent way.

  • The team

This family is truly an excellent team! And it is a point that really makes the difference, because in addition to the welcome and availability, here it is possible to participate in events organized for the guests’ families. With the help of his wife and the rest of the family, Antony who is also a cook, prepares dinners and lunches with the tasty dishes of Sicilian cuisine. I guarantee you’ll ask for an encore! Tried it myself.

And if you don’t trust them, look at theirs social page of Facebook, you will see the various evenings they organize to entertain their guests.

campsite in Sicily the cuisine
tasty dishes of Sicilian cuisine

As far as cleanliness is concerned, I can tell you that the sanitary facilities are impeccably maintained every day. The same thing for the general cleaning of the free pitches and of the area in the passageways and in the common areas, to underline how important the welcome and respect for the guest is.

Even the waste area, even in the low season, I found it perfectly divided and tidy.

Finally, the great courtesy is also found in the advice of what to visit in the surroundings of Scoglitti, and what to taste in the restaurants in the area.

Camper stop over area in Sicily

As I wrote above the Kamarina Pit Stop is a 5-star camper stop over in the province of Ragusa to put on your agenda if you are thinking of a holiday in Sicily. And if you want to learn more about the services it offers, I invite you to continue reading with

Kamarina‘s Pit Stop Area at Sosta Camper

I look forward to my next Sicilian travel story.




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