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Itinerary in Tuscany: 5 things to see in a camper

I’ll tell you about an itinerary in Tuscany that we did last summer and it was our holidays: I list you at least 5 things to see in a camper, which you cannot miss and which in our opinion, you must mark.

The Pisan hills

We are in the hills of Pisa, one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany: but really wanting to say it all, is there something bad in this region? No, really! A nice ride is to follow the alabaster road and precisely Castellina Marittima and arrive in Volterra, passing through Casciana Terme Lari and its Castle, Santa Luce and then the food and wine and the goodness all to be enjoyed. Come on, do you wanna?

The alabaster

These are the alabaster areas and right in Castellina Marittima, a small village above Rosignano Marittimo, passing the Aurelia, in the cool hills and olive groves, you will find the quarries and the dedicated EcoMuseo. The area is a whole mine and historians even talking about the “Bianco di Castellina” was so precious. The references of the Museum.

In Castellina you will find a free parking, before entering the town on the roundabout in via Roma.

Pomaia – Pastina – Santa Luce

Colline pisane
Colline pisane

Continuing the SP13 towards Pisa, we continue the alabaster route, in fact, if the excavation sites are visited in Castellina, the Area Archive can be visited in Santa Luce, which preserves documents relating to the excavation activity.

In addition to this, it is possible to participate in an educational laboratory for knowledge of alabaster. Very interesting! Here is all the information

In the area, if you want to relax, there is the fabulous Santa Luce lake, the Provincial Nature Reserve that offers truly peaceful moments where you can spend hours in peace. If you are also an avid photographer, here is your place to take home amazing shots of the most beautiful birds. Parking is outside and the didactic point is well served. Any further information can be found in the form that I attach.

Santa Luce, in the summer is also famous for lavender, and its harvest: here the purple fields are close to the green of the olive trees and the show is guaranteed!

Are you looking for a tasty break ?: Go to the Podere Cortesi farmhouse

We recommend a tasty stop inside a farmhouse that for years and years offers typical food and wine with a stop: at the farmhouse Il Mulinaccio by the Cortesi family, you will find Serena and her family.

It is guaranteed that here you will find everything you are looking for, tranquility, and why not, excellent dishes. However, I must contact them first to make sure there is a camper place.

In Pomaia there is the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute, the largest Tibetan Buddhism center. I entered and left me amazed because in addition to being in a place of great scenic beauty, it is suitable for those who want to participate in courses, seminars, courses dedicated to the topic and very welcoming.

Lari and the Castello dei Vicari

Continue north and arrive in Lari. The village is dominated by the ancient and fascinating Castle: we have visited it in all its beauty, the interior of its rooms tells the story of the Florentine Vicariate and the Court that judged every type of person inside and in the end, you will discover the dungeons. It is really impressive, in some ways disturbing. but this is also history!

We advise you to go and visit it: these are the references for the visit.

Lari is also known for pasta: yes, because the oldest family of pasta artisans has always lived right here and you can go and visit their pasta factory. There is nothing more interesting than hearing the story of the Martelli family.

In the village you will find several typical trattorias where to eat Martelli pasta, perhaps accompanying it with the excellent typical salami: a real delicacy!

To stop in Lari it is necessary to park in one of the car parks around the village.


Itinerary in Tuscany in camper - Alabaster works in Volterra
Itinerary in Tuscany in camper – Alabaster works in Volterra

We continue our road south, and we arrive at the last stage of my journey: Volterra and its walls, ancient history and the Alabaster Museum.

Volterra does not really need a lot of presentations: here the chalky alabaster that is extracted in Castellina Marittima is worked and that inside the Ecomuseum you can see on display in the Palazzo Minucci-Solaini. The history, the processing methods and the value of the many artisan products that make Volterra and the whole area among the most valuable.

While walking, you obviously find the imposing Cathedral and in front of the Baptistery of San Giovanni. And from above, see also the famous Roman Theater, where concerts and works of music are still organized inside it, especially in summer.

If you are lucky, as has happened to us, you also find some craftsman, who thanks to his open door, you can get inside while the alabaster is working. And thanks to the fascinating and wise work, we enter, and proudly and proudly shows us and tells us his family story. This moment is truly special. It’s just us and him. Needless to say, how passionate his story is …

And we also give you the itinerary with the details for your route.

As far as the rest area we report the review and the story of Chiara and Fabio, the Allemandich!

The food and wine in the camper of the Pisan hills

Itinerary in Tuscany by camper - Local food and wine
Itinerary in Tuscany by camper – Local food and wine

As we always say, a journey is not a journey without a little taste! And in these areas we find them for all tastes of excellence to be tasted and savored: oil, wines, meats, truffles, cheeses, pasta, cold cuts of various kinds … In short, one goodness more than the other.

It is practically impossible not to feel comfortable from this point of view, then the welcome of the producers is truly exquisite!

My personal conclusions

These were beautiful days, which I enclose here in about a week of travel. My greatest emotion is certainly the itinerary in the hills and the view to the horizon, at sunset but also in the morning, which only this landscape offers you. The scent of pine trees but also the expanse of olive trees gives a lot of peace and serenity. Tuscany is an itinerary in a camper that cannot be missing from the list of trips.

We will come back because like any self-respecting trip, a week is not enough to enjoy nature and peace, but also the cultural beauties, which are at every corner, look around. Admire yourself, be enchanted and lose your gaze there, where everything brings time back to its rhythms.

See you next time! From Monica


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