Fontanellato - la Rocca

In camper from the low valley to the Parma hills

A camper itinerary from the low valley to the Parma Hills, from the Po river, with the winter fog which is central to the seasoning of the fantastic culatello, to the hills brimming with greenery.

Let us start with a company that since the 1950s has produced high-quality artisanal culatelli and other products. You can park your camper in the grounds, via booking, but only one space is available at any one time.

We started out again heading towards San Secondo Parmense with the Rocca dei Rossi at its centre, symbol of the town. San Secondo has a rest-area where you can park. Now we head towards Fontanellato where you can visit the Rocca Sanvitale, its ancient town and the Sanctuary. You can park your camper overnight in the equipped rest area in via XXIV Maggio.

Stage one: Noceto.

Its typical product is “nocino”, a digestive liquor best served after a good meal, but which some serve with Parmigiano Reggiano or ice-cream. Now we continue along our road reaching Serravalle in Varano dè Melegari, visitng the oldest single “Pieve” in the whole province. We then stop for a brief visit to the Dairy, where you can see the production process and buy the products, leaving your camper outside in the car-park.

We offer you this itinerary to allow you to experience the culture of some of the smaller towns of the Parma province, to discover its artisanal production, and enjoy our classic regional products.


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