Casa delle Contadinerie

House of the farmers in Coenzo

The House of the farmers  in Coenzo, a hamlet of Sorbolo Mezzani, in the lower Parma area, was born from an idea of Don Learco Paini together with the Parish of S. Siro and the ANSPI “I Baloss” Club.

It is dedicated to the rural culture of the past, a “home” where you can find common experiences and memories, and where the younger generations can rediscover the traditions of their grandparents.

The guided tour

Casa delle Contadinerie Aula scolastica
Casa delle Contadinerie Aula scolastica

The fact of entering a 19th century rural “house” and not a museum, indicates and underlines the importance of introducing the visitor not to a simple exhibition of objects, but a place of memories, of affections where various material is kept ethnographic that testifies the life of the people of the Bassa between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

  • kitchen
  • the cellar
  • crafts
  • bedroom
  • the collecting room
  • the classroom
  • weaving
  • the laundry
  •  trades of the past

The guided tour is organized by the volunteers who manage the House of the farmers and who keep the objects: you can stay inside as long as you want, each object is told with precision and you will surely find yourself in your memories of your grandparents and uncles.

A long journey dedicated to the ancient crafts, to the fabrics coming (and jealously guarded) from the America of the past, to the cellar, to the clothing of the past, to the bedroom and to the customs of the past, to the wonderful classroom of a time, craftsmanship, weaving and much more, such as fishing.

How to visit the House of the farmers

The House of the farmers remains in via Puia in Coenzo di Sorbolo Mezzani (PR).

Phone: +39 347 1458758
Email: Website

For your stopover, you can use the large parking lot around the house.

However, reservations are required. There are opening hours and days but with the recent rules it is essential to call to check availability. This is in order not to arrive and find unwelcome surprises.


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