Buone Feste

Happy Holidays

We have arrived at the gates of Christmas 2020 and between preparations for the celebrations and the wishes of Happy Holidays, we are starting to sum up for the year that is now ending and to plan the year to come.

What year it was and how we dealt with it

Do we want to define it as an unforgettable year? Terrible? Very hard? Sad? What you want, from every point of view.

However, as you know if you follow us in our newsletter, from the beginning we strongly wanted to continue doing what we love to do:

  • exchange travel ideas
  • talk about food and wine
  • tell about our travels
  • go to the discovery of places that give us the opportunity to learn about traditions and enjoy excellence
  • think about what to do at home while waiting for better news
  • visit cities while staying at home, safe

After the first loss, like everyone else, we chose to continue in another way, with our imagination and our dreams. Nobody stops them.

In our way of thinking, talking about difficulties does not make us improve the situation, (and we certainly cannot or do not want to forget it) but we have the present and our future, waiting for us.

We want to be confident and positive that when this whole situation is over, we will all be ready to start doing what we love again: traveling, discovering, knowing, being in company and hugging, as we always have.

And so we will continue to do in the new 2021.

Friends and best wishes for Happy Holidays

In recent months, many friends have supported us and we with them, despite everything.

Let’s not forget the joy we feel in receiving Merry Christmas greetings from the heart, from those we love and from friends. You are the primary fuel that powers the engine of our heart and our life.

So we want to take advantage of these days to make Angela and Monica of In Camper Con Gusto Happy Holidays and thank you for following us on our journey to date.

This year only a few meetings were possible, but we still received a lot of affection and warmth, in every way:

  • social networks, which you follow carefully
  • the newsletter, where you respond to us with advice and ideas
  • by phone, perhaps the simplest and closest way, because you know… a friendly voice in the moment of need is always a pleasure
  • with technology, therefore with the connections available

It is not always “all roses and flowers”: it was also extremely useful to have comparisons with those who corrected mistakes or who saw room for improvement. The road is uphill, but in your company it is a “pleasant climb“, and believe us if we tell you.

The next projects?

Many … but if today they remain a dream, one tomorrow and together they become a reality: one of all our card that remains a certainty in an uncertain world because it opens the doors to the producers we have carefully chosen, to make you stop and appreciate their excellence . In addition to the triple benefits you have with our card, made up of agreements, discounts and special prices.

Read how to make our card.

The new collaborations we are setting up will all be aimed at welcoming campers and experiential tourism opportunities around Italy, food and wine and culture.

Now it’s up to you to choose whether to be part of it all: are you ready to walk or ride with us?

Now we leave you, and we say thank you again for your trust and we make you many dear Season’s Greetings to you and to all your loved ones!

Now… go! Towards new destinations and new experiences … always with the taste of discovery!

Angela and Monica


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