“Hannibal: a Mediterranean legend” at Piacenza

From 16 December 2018 to 17 March 2019, you can enjoy the Hannibal exhbition at the Farnese Palace in Piacenza, that takes you on a voyage across the Mediterranean during the era of the Punic Wars, following the man who dared to challenge the might of Rome.

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Hannibal: a Mediterranean legend” – a man and his battles

Thanks to historical reconstructions, technology and objects, we can follow Hannibal across the Mediterranean, in one of the most important historical and decisive periods of the history of Europe from a political, cultural, commercial and social point of view.

The exhibition follows two different paths, one describing the young Hannibal and his hatred of Rome which is analysed via the history of his family, his Greek-style education, his military training and his rise as a warrior. The other path underlines the importance of the location of the museum in Roman times, Piacenza. It describes the battle on the Trebbia, Hannibal’s cleverness and strategies, with representations of the Roman and Carthagian formations in Piacenza and the Enza Valley, reaching ultimately the Appennines.

In the cellars of the Palace, you can hear the words of Hannibal himself, as he recounts his military campaigns, described by a man who made history and changed the destiny of the Mediterranean. The exhibition was produced by Professor Giovanni Brizzi, an Italian academic and undisputed expert on Hannibal. The opening is on 16 December, from 10am until 8pm.

For more information on the exhibition, opening hours and prices, please visit the official Website


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