Fratelli Grossi Ham farm

Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 96 – 43035 Felino (PR)

The Fratelli Grossi Ham farm was created in 1986, when Andrea and Giampietro decided to continue the traditional work of their father Ermes, a well-known meat seller. In a facility in 2002 that features traditional cellars, the hams are matured naturally, producing cured hams, culatello, fiochetto, pancetta and cold cuts. Later on, the traditional production methods for the Cured Ham of San Secondo was added, plus meats such as cotechini, the “goccia di cotechino”, the “mariola”, the “zampone” and “il capello del prete”.

Camper services

You can only park in the grounds during a guided tour.

What you can do

  • guided tours for up to 40 people (10 euro a head)

  • Saturday tasting sessions of typical products

  • English spoken

  • disabled access


Telephone 347.0006845 or visit their website

Producers’ information sheet: Salumifico Fratelli Grossi


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