Epiphany in Emilia

What can you do for Epiphany in Emilia? Here we offer some suggestions for ways to enjoy Epiphany in our province, and so celebrate the start of the New Year, maybe with your children, but also for adults.


6 January sees the procession of the Wizards, which leaves Piazza Duomo ay 3.30pm towards the Church of the Assumption in Via D’Azeglio and so the historic city centre. This year, the Nativity celebration will not be held in the Francescan church at the end of the procession, but in the square alongside it. Here, there will be a small village that features traditional countryside arts and crafts, and after the three Wise Men arrive on horseback and deliver their gifts, the participants can wander around the village accompanied by traditional Christmas music and the spectacular flag wavers. This is a unique event that this year will give greater importance to the processipon, Campers can park at the rest-area, and take the convenient bus direct to the city centre.

Parma Province

Sala Baganza

Sunday 6 January 2019 will see the traditional winter walk organised by GES, the excursionist association, in association with the community group of Sala Baganza: the walk allows you to discover our area, and particularly to rediscover its natural beauty. The events starts at 8.45am in Piazza Gramsci and the walk lasts from 9am-midday. Lunch will be served at the Alpine association headquarters (in via di Vittorio). The event is free, lunch must be booked. Call GES (0521.835803, mobile: 347.0589841 or email for more information, or visit the Website.

How to get there

In Sala Baganza, you can use the convenient rest area in the city centre.


Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 January 2019, from 3.30pm-5pm the Castle at Contignaco will have a special opening, allowing visitors to explore the rooms of the fortress, and learn its thousand-year history. Afterwards, visitors can enjoy a wine tasting session in the cellars of the Castle, served with some Christmas delicacies typical of the Parma region. Booking is recommended, and the event costs €12.00 per adult, and € 8.00 for under-14s (who will be offered non-alcoholic drinks).

Call 0524.573287, 320.6126424, 320.6066721, email or visit the Website for more information.

How to get there

From Salsomaggiore Terme, follow SS359 towards Pellegrino Parmense; after 4 km, at Contignaco-Piè di Via, turn right and follow signs for the Castle. You can park your camper next to the Castle if the weather is not wet.


Sunday 6 January at the Castle of Fontanellato will see the Epiphany celebrated at 3pm, with the Befana arriving on horseback amidst fantastical animals and magic potions, and offering a sweet goodbye to the children. The event costs 10 Euro per head for all over 4 years. Email or call 0521.829055 for bookings, or visit the Website.


Saturday 5 January at 10.30am at the Panizzi Library, via Farini, there will be the “Fairy Stories of Epiphany”, organised by the volunteers of NatiperLeggere to NatiperlaMusica, which sees fairy stories read to children from 3 years upwards. Call 0522 456084 or visit the Website




Sunday 6 January, at the Fiabe a Gropparello Park, there will be the Epiphany festival from 10.30-6.30pm, offering visits to the Castle, featuring characters from fairy-stories, and knights in costume “seeking the magic broom”. Snacks with the Befana will be offered in Loggia dei Leoni, with a rich choice of sweet and savoury snacks. Booking is essential. You can also have lunch in the local medieval taverna.Please call 0523.855814 or email for more information, or visit the official Website.

How to get there:

Follow SP10 into the town, and park at the camper rest area


Sunday 6 Gennaio from 3.3pm, you can enjoy a guided tour of the Comunale Vinery. Booking is required, and participants are asked to gather at Rocca Viscontea in Piazza Municipio.

For more information, call 0523 803215, email or visit the Website.

How to get there:

Follow SP4 into the town, and park your camper in Carpark 4, but there is no discharge or electricity facilities available.


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