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Easter decorations: our “do it yourself” ideas

We are officially in the Easter period and, as we did for Christmas, we are talking about Easter decorations: we share our “do it yourself” ideas.

We will help you with some ideas that came to our mind to decorate and beautify your home or your camper or caravan, if you have them close by, in order to make the atmosphere joyful, because, whatever it is, it’s always Easter. Here’s what we propose:

The Easter tree

It is the spring and colorful version of the Christmas variant and is perfect for decorating the home during the Easter period. Making it is very simple, just use some dried or flowered twigs, put them in a vase filled with stones or soil, in such a way as not to make it hang in the balance, and start decorating them in the most varied ways.

Eggs to decorate

Here we go to the school days and who has never taken the white shell eggs (the most suitable) to make the most varied designs ?:

  • flowers
  • little hearts
  • balloons
  • flakes
  • bunnies

In this case, the only thing that matters is to indulge your imagination. It is also a nice pastime for children with which you can use spices, turmeric or coffee, boil them and pass the eggs with the brush and let them dry.

Easter centerpiece and place card

A welcoming and colorful table gives Easter day that extra touch of joy that, in this period, is important to have. In addition, when the times allow, even the imaginative placeholders to offer that touch of lightheartedness but also more particularities. Let’s see some ideas:

  • An impressive centerpiece is a simple wicker basket, with our colored eggs inside placed on a glass or ceramic backsplash.
  • A striking placeholder will be a colored egg with the diner’s name and a funny felt hat.

Hanging decorations

Uova da appendere
Uova da appendere

To make the home atmosphere even more Easter it is possible to hang on the doors or the colorful garlands or for the more practical manual baskets with inside beautiful decorations with eggs or branches, flowers and bows or simply the eggs to hang on our tree.

Curious and delicious ideas on the table

Can we forget a delicious menu, yes, but also colorful and colorful? Absolutely not and here we want to put some ideas:

  • Egg-shaped bread colored with pumpkin seeds
  • eggs in the shape of a bunny
  • the pancakes with the face of a Bug Bunny

Why dedicate yourself to Easter decorations and “do it yourself”

Because we think it is necessary to get distracted and spend time to create cute, nice, useful, colorful objects and doing it with your family can give you carefree and joyful moments. It is a way like any other to get lost, just like it used to be.

As you may have understood, there is no shortage of ideas: since there are so many and we think that the imagination is unlimited, we want to share with you this article by Idea design casa where you can find many more … You are spoiled for choice.

Of paper, felt, crocheted for enthusiasts, with olive trees, wood, with recycled and recycled fabrics, for adults and children are some usable materials.

We hope to have advised you well and if you would like to show us your creations, we are happy to share them.

All that remains for us is to wish you a happy Easter.


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