Delizierie Mastro Mezzadri Ham producer

Address: Via Garani 2 – 43010 Polesine Parmense (PR)

The Delizierie di Mastro Mezzadri ham farm is known for its quality artisanal methods based on the traditional methods passed down from te generations. It produces the undisputed king of the cold cuts: the Culatello, which is based on a careful selection of the meats and their careful working as if in an ancient rite. The daily work of seasoning the meat in unclimatised cellars gives this cold cut its unmistakable typical smell. The farm is a family business in which Roberto and Filippo carry on the family tradition.

Camper services

One camper at a time can park overnight, via booking, in the grounds, except in November and December. Electricity and water facilities are not available. Our members can park overnight for free for one night, and get a 10% discount on products purchased.

What you can do

  • guided tours for minimum 25 people, via booking, to learn how the culatello is worked in the cellars, plus tasting sessions at the end (5 euro a head)

  • purchase typical regional products


Call (0039) 0524.96151 or Mobile 340.5879221 or visit the official Site

Producers’ information sheet: Salumificio Le Delizierie di Mastro Mezzadri


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