Cristina Podere’s Organic farm

Address: Via Monchio di Mulazzano 4 – 43037 Lesignano Bagni (PR)

Cristina Podere’s organic farm aims to preserve local biodiversity, and concentrates on “old” vegetable and animal types: one example is the campaign to save the Romagnola chicken, which has now reached a level of 150 eggs per year. The farm also produced ancient stone-milled flours, prized for their organoleptic qualities and low gluten levels. Inside the farm, there is a small horse stables where you can see and ride an autchontic breed, the Bardigiano horse.

The farm is part of the “Allevatori e Agricoltori Custodi” project, in which farms seek to manage, preserve and protect the traditional plants and animals found in the Parma area, including those at risk. It also has a restaurant which uses many of the ingredients grown or produced on it. Bookings are advisable for dinner.

Camper services

Overnight stays are allowed, but advance booking is requested. There are no electricity supply points or water discharge facilities, and the road is on a slope, but there is space to maneouvre.

What you can do

  • free guided tours

  • dinner in the agriturismo restaurant (via booking)

  • buy typical regional products

  • English is spoken during the tours

  • disabled access throughout


Telephone (0039) 0521.852741 – mobile 349.1592798 or visit the Website

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