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You can set your browser up to control the use of cookies as you wish. Data is handled according to the Privacy Guarantee of May 8 2014. by using the site, users expressly give consent to the use of cookies. The use of technical and analytic cookies is authorisedon the terms stated without the need for express consent. The use of profiling cookies by third-parties is authorised, except where users use their right to de-activate this service. You can do so directly via the third-parties. Using your browser settings, you can always prevent the download of cookies onto your system or remove them once downloaded. Cookies are connected to the broswer you use, and can be disabled directly within it. However disabling technical cookies can make it impossible to use all the services offered on the site. Please consult the following pages to see how to disable cookies via your browser settings:

The third-parties who use profiling cookies can be outside the EU. Please consult the privacy policies of each in question. This site can share some of the data gathered with services outside the EU. In particular, Google, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn) via the social plugin and the Google Analytics service are authorised to transfer data on the basis of a specific agreement between the EU and the Privacy of Personal Data Guarantor (, in particular decision number 1250/2016 (the Privacy Shield which therefore requires no further consent. The aboive-mentioned companies promise to respect the rules of the Privacy Shield, and users are invited to read our Privacy Policy regarding EU Rule 2016/679

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