museo del cinematografo a zibello

Cinematographic museum at Zibello

The Cinematographic Museum at Zibello, also known as the Narducci Collection, is a perfect example of how two brothers can create something truly exceptional: located inside a large 16th century convent, this is much more than a museum.

How the Narducci Collection was created

From when they were 16 years old, the Narducci brothers, Amedeo and Luciano, were huge fans of cinema, and went around the streets of the Piacentine countryside in bicycle with a projector camera, a white sheet, and a few cinema reels to show to the people living in the houses deep in the countryside.

We can just imagine the scene: these two youngsters going into people’s houses, and offering them a dream, offering them magic, precious minutes in the life of people who spent their days in heavy agricultural work in the fields in return for a portion of the produce they grew, such as fruit or eggs.

The passion of the two brothers grew with them, despite their developing family and work responsibilities, and so they started to research and collect classic cinematographic equipment, like reels, displays, photos and posters, recording systems and sound and image reproduction systems.

Luciano later became an audio and video technician for local television stations, including TELE DUCATO, bringing together his innate skills and leading to the development of his ability to restore the mechanical pieces he had collected, and ensure that they continued to work.

Unfortunately, Amedeo passed away, but Luciano continued with his passion in memory of his brother, guaranteeing attention to detail and promotion of an unique collection, which today includes hundreds of notably rare and valuable equipment.

The result of all the years of work is a rich collection that explains all the complexities of the history of the “cinematographic show”.

It includes:

  • films

  • archive documents

  • posters and publicity material

  • equipment in perfect working order

There is also pre-cinema era optical equipment (the magic lanterns), old and modern cinematographic equipment, and pieces retrieved from the sets of the first Italian films, plus other national and international items of interest.

Photograhs and documents about some of the principal individuals who help create the most important Italian and foreign films.

There is also a large collection of films on reel and VHS, which is constantly being added to.

Information for visitors to the museum

Entrance is free, and the museum is based in Convento dei Padri Domenicani, in Contrada Giovan Francesco Pallavicino, in Zibello (PR).

The museum is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 18:30.

For booked and school visits, please contact the Museum:

  • Tel: 345.4482948 or 347.4065078

  • Town Council ata Polesine Zibello (0039) 0524.939711

  • e-mail:

You can park your camper in Via Caduti di Nassyiria, but there is no power supply or discharge facilities: the nearest are in the rest area at Roncole Verdi.


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