museo d'arte cinese ed etnografico

Chinese art and ethnographic Museum

Chinese art in one museum

The museum opened in 1901 thanks to Monsignor Guido Conforti, Bishop of Parma, who was left stunned by the beauty of some Chinese art donated to him. Inspired by a “passion for everything”, Conforti felt that the Museum should serve to help people learn about China.

He expressed this idea with a motto that has not lost its power today: “make the whole world a single family”. The museum testifies to the attention to world cultures that the Institute promotes. Since the Saveriani were only present in China, they gathered all types of Chinese art: ceramics, bronzes, paintings, ivory objects, wooden objects, coins and a whole range of ethnographic objects, such as everyday objects, printed material, seals, cleats, necklaces, ornaments, screens, and paint brush cleaners. The Chinese art and ethnographic museum is a real gem for anyone who loves the Far East.

Contact details

Address: Viale S. Martino 8, Parma

Phone: (0039) 0521/257337


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