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10 things to see in Piacenza by camper

Perhaps considered less famous than other cities in Emilia Romagna, Piacenza holds many treasures, proving to all intents and purposes the perfect destination for a trip out of town by

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Itineraries Parma

In camper from Parma e Piacenza

Many of our itineraries start from the view that food is culture, and the camper is the perfect way to discover our territory in total tranquillity: in short, to enjoy

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Itinerario alla scoperta delle Valli Piacentine castello rivalta copertina
Itineraries Piacenza

Itinerary of the Piacentine Valleys

This route takes in history, culture and paths of immense beauty, perfect for a relaxing day in the beauty of Emilia. Starting from Piacenza, from Verza, head to the Park

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