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Casabella Cellars

The Casabella cellars, in Socciso in Castell’Arquato, are tied to the large vineyards that extend across the Oltrepò area. History tells that they belonged first to the wealthy Montemartini family, before passing to a small group of partners in 1991, who created the current agricultural company. There are nearly 50 hectares of vineyard that produce bonarda, barbera, ortrugo and malvasia: they are worked by 10 expert viners who produce wines of the highest quality.

In 1998, the company bought anither bottling cellar, at the base of Castell’Arquato, which allowed it to realise its ambition of producing not just wines from the Ziano vineyards, but also those of Castell’Arquato. The vineyard is distinguished by :

  • continual research into all the production phases of their wines

  • respect for the natural balance of the earth

  • a supply-chain that respects and supports local vineyards

  • study and experimentation in different phases of the production process.

The most important product are the red Gutturnio and Gutturnio Classico wines, and the white Monterosso Valdarda, Ortrugo and Malvasia wines. These may be quality wines, but they are suitable for everyday consumption since they offer good vaue-for-money, a specific objective of the company.

Camper services

The company accepts campers who want to enjoy tasting sessions of the wines, cold cuts and Parmiggiano-reggiano. Campers cannot park in te grounds, but if you contact Fiorella (0523/804441, or 333/8112317), you can park directly opposite. There are no electicity supply points or water discharge facilities.

What you can do

Apart from the tasting sessions, there are also guided tours: our members can also get 10% off the price of the wines.

For more information and bookings, please visit the official website.

Producers’ information sheet


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