Dolci di carnevale in camper

Carnival sweets in a camper

The period is the right one! Chatter, frappe, intrigues here in Emilia, lies in Piedmont, sfrappole in the Modena area or rags in Florence, are always the Carnival sweets that you can take in your camper in a weekend.

We have made a list of those that are most often found on our tables in our areas.

What are the Carnival sweets in Emilia to take in the camper

Tortelli dolci
Carnival sweets

We know that since ancient Rome it was used to fry these sweet sheets and then sprinkle them with powdered sugar. That said, think about how long we’ve been hearing about them and seeing them in pastry shops or delicatessens.

Let’s say that it is the typical dessert of the carnival period that is the most popular and that best accompanies us on a journey because it is dry and easily keeps even after days (as long as it resists the greedy palates)

In the Reggio Emilia area

The typical sweet of Reggio Emilia are called Intrigoni (intrigòun in dialect) and are also known as chiacchiere or frappe: made with flour, eggs, sugar and butter, a pinch of yeast, a nice glass full of pebbles or anisette, a sprinkle of white wine and the dough is done. You pull the thin sheet, which must be smooth and homogeneous, and with the toothed wheel you cut the strips and that you make rectangles or squares it does not matter: inside them, you make one or two cuts and each strip you pass it into the cut you did (it sounds complicated, but it really isn’t). This is how the Introgòun is formed and you fry it in boiling oil for a few minutes, barely enough time to swell and put it in the paper to let it drain from the excess oil. When it is cold add powdered sugar and eat it.

In the Parma area

In addition to the aforementioned chiacchiere, in Parma we find sweet tortelli: small chests of shortcrust pastry that contain “brusca” jam (sour, for example plums) or with some variations such as chocolate or cream. Small or large, they are puff pastry with jam in the center and then baked in the oven. They too are good with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

In the Piacenza area

They are called the Sprelle (Spreli or Ciàciar in dialect) and take their name from chatter that is easily found in bakeries or delicatessens or pastry shops. Made in the same way as those of Reggio Emilia, here only the lemon peel is added to the original dough.

We remind you that in order for them to be kept well during our journey they must stay cool, better if closed in a paper bag (no plastic, because they become soft).

Now tell us about the desserts that are most often used in your area, so we will include them in this list. Then, enjoy your meal!


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