museo dell'automobile a reggio emilia

Car museum of Reggio Emilia

The car museum at Reggio Emilia is the perfect destination for all lovers of cars: located at San Martino in Rio, in via Barbieri 12, it attracts thousands of visitors each year and not just from Emilia. It covers 650 m², with about 40 cars, 10 motorbikes and some bikes. Registered with the ASI and FIA, it is part of the Motor Valley project that aims to promote the motor circuits of our region.


The history of this museum behind with the “Queen of Africa”, the nickname of the Fiat 634 articulated truck used in the colonisation of Abyssinia, which stopped off in San Martino in Rio with three vehicles on board. Only one has been identified with precision: a Fiat 509 Weymann berlin, with a wooden frame covered in cloth to make it lighter. Since then, other cars started to arrive at S. Martino, along with other trucks, and so the Scuderia of S. Martino was born, founded by Emilio Storchi Fermi, who stamped the entire collection with his character.

All the cars were brought together in one place only years later: it was only in 1965 that the Council approved a project to build a warehouse to house a real Museum for the collection. In 1975, however, Emilio Storchi Fermi died suddenly, but his friends continued his efforts to create the museum, which opened in 1981. The work of the Scuderia is also worthy of note, being a well-known name in the classic car world.

For more information on opening hours, we advise you to visit their website.


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