foto camper Ponte dell'Olio

Camper rest-area Ponte dell’Olio

Address: sports centre Piazzale Albertelli – 29028 Ponte dell’Olio (PC)

The camper area at Ponte dell’Olio is very new, offers discharge facilities, and water electricity points. It can host 10 spaces. It sits on the river Nure, near the sports facilties, deep in natural beauty, and only a few hundred metres on foot from the town centre. Access is via a barred entrance.

Campers are welcome to use the restaurant at the local fishing association, open every day, who also manage the fishing lake. It is illuminated at night.

It is near the Palazzetto dello Sport and only 500metres from the town centre.

From here, you can easily reach the bike and pedestrian excursionist facilities of the Nure Valley.

It is open every day from 9am-7pm, please go to the local fishing association next to the area. It costs 15€ per day but our members can get a discount of 10%.


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