Area sosta camper a Salsomaggiore Terme

Camper rest-area at Salsomaggiore Terme

Address: Piazzale Stazione – Salsomaggiore Terme 43039 (PR)

Description and services: the camper area at Salsomaggiore Terme is council-run, located in the small Stazione square. It is gravelled and surrounded by plants. You can access drinking water and use the discharge facilities.

Even if it is close to the station, there is no noise pollution, since the trains are small local trains that go to Fidenza and then go back the same way.

There are 20 well-illuminated spaces available.

Opening times:

Open all year round.

Prices: access to the area is free.

Where it is:

Next to the State railway station Salsomaggiore Terme, an historic station that connects the town with nearby Fidenza. You can reach the town on foot in 10 minutes, but you are also within easy reach of the hills around Salsomaggiore and the splendid Stirone Park, which offers excursionist and cyclings treks. The Berzieri Spa are only 900m from the rest-area.


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