Camper Rent and Garaging

Camper Rent and Garaging

How many times when you are traveling on your car to your holiday destination, you look at a camper and you think “I’d like to try, but who can I contact?” We answer your question by telling you: call Mattia di Camper Rent and Garaging.

Driven by the desire to provide an additional service to the customer, as well as a car repair shop, Camper Rent and Garaging was born in San Martino dall ‘Argine in Mantua, in a new, completely renovated location.
They offer 360 ° storage, rental, mechanical repairs, utility repair (gas, water, etc. ..) installation accessories.
They have different means to meet any need, from large campers for families with large load capacities, to compact campers for unique adventures.

Precisely for these Christmas holidays has activated several packages from the really interesting discounts and then to you the choice of the period in which you want to leave, call to reserve your camper and departure!

In addition to this rental service they also offer:

  • complete seals
  • upholstery and upholstery upholstery, seats, fabric parts
  • interior refurbishment, furniture renovation, also custom-made
  • mechanical repairs and full electric service, testing and installation of accessories

Where to find Camper Rent and Garaging

They are located in Via primo maggio 44 – 46010 in San Martino Dall ‘Argine (Mn) and responds to Matthias at +39 333 712 2398.

Always check your Fb page, there you will find every update about discounts and availability


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